Color Me Red


Monday, 30 March 2020

We are in the quiet zone here.

Good morning. Wow, March 30, 2020! It seems as if we have been here at home for a very long time. I guess we started self isolating before it was deemed necessary in the country, but I had this lingering feeling, ever since Jan when I visited a good friend in Florida, that this was going to be a much bigger problem than what I was seeing in China. Our world is much smaller these days with travel so accessible. Well that is, it was before the pandemic. I have COPD and a couple of autoimmune disorders, so perhaps I am more suspicious than most. At any rate, I isolated for 14 days on my return home on Jan 29, and really have continued to isolate since then. At first my husband was still out and about, but he was more careful about his actions on returning home. Now of course we are both doing the social distancing dance.
We don't have television reception, so the news we see in on our laptops for the most part. I check it out twice a day. There are other great things happening in the quilting world though. A number of designers have offered free patterns, and some sew a longs so we can stay busy with activities we love. I am following Buttermilk Basins spring Sew a long. Blocks are posted on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Here are my first three:
 The first two blocks were baskets

The third is this small tulip block. This is a spring theme, but I have leftover pieces from my civil war fabrics from Windham Fabrics. Ill go with those, and all will be fine. I can always fill in gaps with some pieces from my Thimbleberries or Kansas Troubles scraps.
Also Moda has made The Villages quilt pattern free to all. This pattern struck a chord with me. We are all part of the global village, and we're all in the same soup pot right now. We all breathe the same air, we are all concerned about our family, friends and neighbours, and each one of us is concerned about our own health. I am challenging my quilting friends, and my groups to make a few of the houses from the pattern, and lets put them together in a quilt from the village of quilters. Yesterday I sat with a small hill of bright and happy print scraps, and picked out bits that would work for these houses. I will find bits for the roofs today. Here they are:
I think I have ten at present. They will perk up when I get the roofs.

The secret sewing continues, but at a slow pace. Today Angie Padilla from Angie's Bits and Pieces, will start up her weeklong quilt a long. It's a quilt of black cat blocks, 7 1/2 in. I have my backgrounds cut, all pastel solids from stash. As well today Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville Quips and Snips is starting a weekly sew along sort of mystery using three colours plus a neutral. It will be a medallion top, adding a round a week. Edyta Starr of Laundry Basket quilts is at block ten of what is going to be a fabulous quilt in her free offering. I know there are more out there, but these are a few. It is a tough time now for many people whose livelihoods have been seriously affected by the current state of the world. I want to thank everyone who offers these projects without gain. It is incredibly generous and loving.
You know what I find to be fun and safe, and low cost as well? It is putting a CD or a record on or in my machine, and dancing up a storm for at least 5 or 6 songs, waving my arms, legs, and torso with the music. It makes me smile, and gets all those sitting down creaks out of my body. It's like a treatment for everything. This morning I thought it might be fun to make a video so I could dance along with my grands, or other friends. If we all made one and shared them on line, what a riot of fun that could be..Also another form of exercise for the body and brain. I would need someone to help me get started with the technology.
I do hope if you read this, you are safe and warm and have your sewing stuff with you. Hugs everyone.

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

A Little 2.5 inch fun

Good afternoon.
There are a couple of new online quilting groups in the past few days, and they are offering new block and quilt patterns. I have been attempting to keep from going wildly off in many directions, but a friend was chatting about a block she was making with 2.5" squares. That was enough I have a large tin filled with them. So today I've made my first. They are 16 inch blocks, and are straight forward to make. There is a tutorial on Lori Holt's blog.
It didn't make the slightest dent in the tin to take 48 2.5 inch squares from it, so there is the possibility of a number of blocks. We'll wait and see how it rolls out.

I'm back to my secret sewing now. I want to move this project along just a bit . I am getting a bit behind my planned finishes.
Now to enjoy the remainder of this beautiful sunny day.

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

What's Up?

Where has the time gone? I haven't posted since the Color it Red blog hop, but I've been fully occupied. We are getting prepared for the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival in October. I know it seems like a long time off, but a great deal of planning and preparation is needed to make this event happen. It's in its thirteenth year I believe, and if you have been involved in organizing a larger event, you'll already know how much work is required. This is my first year on the organizing team, and it is a learning curve for me. There is a talented group of fibre lovers on this team, and I gladly learn from them. Hopefully  can contribute something as well.
I will host another Sew In during the festival in concert with my friends Joyce and Karen. This is a day when 42 quilters gather to share, sew, and inspire. We have lots of prizes, block draws, and a 50/50 winner take all during the day. This is a non profit event where the goal is to be together with like minded quilters for a fun day in a safe environment. I'm already doing my secret sewing for the gifts.
The arrival of the Covid 19 virus has impacted on all of our lives. My husband and I are over 70, and we want to keep ourselves safe as well as hoping to help prevent the spread of the virus, so we have self isolated to the extent possible. My husband goes out when necessary for groceries, but uses good basic hygiene. His hand washing practices are second to none now. It's interesting how hand washing , once taken somewhat lightly in our fast paced society, has become once again an important practice in a healthy life. Keep washing your hands, and keep them away from your face. Good advice.
I have been considering how I want to put together some of my finished blocks from last years BOW from NS Online Quilters. I have them arranged and will move ahead with the assemble shortly.

Stay safe during this uncertain time, and Happy St Patricks Day

Thursday, 20 February 2020

It's the Color it Red Blog Hop

Well today's the day, at least for me it is. This blog hop is my first as a participant, but I've enjoyed following along on many sites during these events. My heartfelt thanks to each of you for sharing with the rest of us. My plan is to share with you some small and fun projects, some a bit bigger, and then my lovely Christmas piece that's waiting to be quilted, and that is just a bit intimidating to me.
Thanks for dropping in and allowing me to share my love of quilting with you, and Carol, thanks for bringing us together like this.
Lynn 💕
The little guys first. These small pincushions are just a few of those I have made ,but they have some red included. The three tiered one was my attempt to pattern from a picture I had seen somewhere, but I couldn't remember where that was. Although mine might not be quite as nice as the magazine picture, it suits my little spot. The herringbone pincushion is from a pattern on Retro Mama's blog It is fun and easy, made from scraps, and it has some style.Something I have done with this pattern for a few of my quilting friend's birthday, is to make this pincushion in the friend's favourite colours, attach a small tag you make from card stock with your written greeting, and it becomes an integrated gift/card, with a very personal touch. I can't remember the source of the pattern for the little ones that remind me of spokes on my old bike, but it was on a blog. I learn so much from you all.

                These middle guys are a bit like middle children. They are present, but often mot making a big noise about both their presence, and their arrival. They too add joy to our lives through their beauty, and the experience we have as we create.
This small table runner was a scrappy venture. I had made a larger piece using golds, brown, green, and red. I simply took the average of the pieces after measuring my scrap strips, sewing them together with alternate background pieces. I really was happy to have enough red fabric to create the border and binding.These is minimal quilting in this runner, but enough I think to do. 

These two placemats were small experiments too. They are QAYG(s).I had some leftover 2.5" strips from a jellyroll. Some other quilters were trying this approach, and of course I couldn't resist. They are not difficult, but probably if you had some of the preprinted fusible batting , it would be even simpler. They are great for seasonal use as well as being bright and cheerful when we want to brighten up the room.         

It's my confession time. It is not a secret around here, but I am a scrap quilter, and love to play with little bits. This table runner is made from a collection of both backgrounds and prints given to me when others know about my love affair with  small fabric bits.These are not terribly small. I believe they finish at 2inches. As I look at the picture now, I could have made different choices about placement of the darker backgrounds. On the table it is not noticeable.

We've come to my largest piece. It will be suitable for a 48" round table. This pattern is from Karen Neary, a well known Canadian designer who lives in my beautiful province. I am quite in love with Nova Scotia, and the sea at her doorsteps. I'm also real fond of Karen and what she has created over a long number of years. You can visit her at Karen That website will also take you to her blog as well as providing great eye candy.
This project combines paper piecing and traditional machine piecing. You will get a chance to hone your curved piecing skills I am finally ready to tackle the quilting on this.  I've completed a number of Karen's designs, each one helping to build my FMQ confidence.

That concludes what I have today for sharing. My secret sewing doesn't feature red in any specific way, and besides it is secret. I don't like not sharing , but it is for the "greater good" I hope you have the time to visit with each of today's bloggers, and come on back on the 21st,(tomorrow) for more inspiration. Today has been a pleasure for me

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Sunday, 16 February 2020

My quilt memories

I was looking through my quilt pictures tonight, and came across a couple that I would like to share.

These three quilts have a special message for me.This one was made as I attended a beginners workshop over an eight week period with Martha from the Covered Bridge Quiltery. I learned some very good habits there.

This second quilt was made by me as a test pattern for Dionne Stephen -Gardener .There is a considerable span of time between the first and this one. Check Dionne out at Th Clever Chameleon  blog. She is an awesome designer. This pattern was  clearly written, and the diagrams easy to follow.I love how it turned out.

This third, although the pic is not great, is quite special. Back before quilting, I did some fashion sewing. Then one day in 2003, my good friend Marilyn, invited me to make up a group within her church who were going to dabble a bit in quilting. Initially I protested, (much to the amusement of sewists I knew then and now,). I didn't put a lot of thought into the fabrics, and this quilt was going to be cut using templates we made out of cereal boxes, and hand sewn. Marilyn provided a large number of traditional patterns to choose from, and on average participants were planning to make four blocks. Well although I wasn't especially interested in hand piecing, I went along with the group. Thirty blocks later, and using a sort of quilt as you go approach, my quilt was done. It was fun, and I did enjoy the hand quilting. It gave scope to the imagination. If you could make the stitches, you could create lots of patterns and pictures with the quilting. It didn't take me long to figure out how to get these blocks made using my trusty sewing machine. I was off to the races. Today I am grateful that Marilyn was willing to teach us the basics.

That finishes my little trip down memory lane for tonight.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Color me Pink and Red

Until last week, there hadn't been any big snows in my area. Nature has now decided to share a lot of the white stuff ,I guess we won't feel ignored or slighted in any way.

I took this from inside my sewing room. That was yesterday when the sun shone brightly, and the snow started to melt a bit with the sun's power. The forecast for today includes another 10-15 cm which is no doubt enough.

This is just after the snow started this morning. If you look to the left(just slightly), you will see a doe bounding away. She was eating apples from under the snow, when i appeared with my little camera and away she went. The crows were here early too, for a snack.
Wednesday's sewing went quite well. Four hours of secret sewing, and then forty-five minutes of just playing. Since I can't share the secret sewing for quite some time, I am eager to show you my first  Granny Square block. I used the fabrics from my previous post, gifts from my friend Marilyn. I misnamed the fabric lines on two of those fabrics. One, the lightest floral in value, is from Marcus. The multi floral piece is from Joan Kessler. The darkest value on the outside of the square is the Wamsutta  print. I don't know the line from which the small centre comes. Maybe someone will see this, and know the print and its maker. Now only 19 more to go. It was a lot of cutting but that first step is done.

Tomorrow is St Valentine's Day. For some it's flowers and chocolates, maybe dinner, and a movie at home, a handmade card from someone who cares. There have been lots of examples on the web of Projects available to make to celebrate the occasion. Lots of pinks and reds can be found. These are the cards I made for some special people on Valentine's Day. I made a dozen, but two were posted some days ago. It takes a while to get across this huge and beautiful country.
I used up some of my small pink and red scraps to make these. Time consuming but fun.

Next Monday, Feb. 17. the Color it Red    blog hop starts. I thought I'd post the list of bloggers with their special day now, so if you read this post you'll be prepared to have a bit of fun. Well I can't figure out how to attach the list from a google doc file so I took a pic of those bloggers who will start off the event, and I'll work on a solution.

I hope you love your Feb. 14th and we'll be back soon