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Scrappy Baby Quilt Under Construction

 I've been silent for far too long.My machine has not been completely idle, but I've been focusing on personal things for a bit lately. Spring is here, and I've just had a lovely trip to Barrie Ontario to help my extended family Celebrate my Uncle Jack's 90th birthday. It was wonderful to share time with my cousins, their partners, and all of their children and grand children as we celebrated a man who has always played a supportive role in our lives. too often families gather as we lose someone, but this time ti was a joyous occasion.My sister, Bonnie, and I travelled to Ottawa on Porter Airlines with our two cousins whose mom was our dad's twin sister. Aunt Blanch's older son, Bruce picked us up at the airport, and he and his partner Diane, welcomed us warmly for the night. Diane prepared a fabulous meal for supper, The next morning, Bruce chauffeured us to Barrie, it's quite a drive, 5 hours, and he did it so ably. For the first time in my life, I stayed

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