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Influenza A and me

 Just a short note while I am up and about. This is day 10 trying to deal with this flu virus. I honestly cannot remember ever being down and out with a virus  like this one. I think the fever has finally gone, but the exhausting cough and shortness of breath kills any plans I might have about accomplishments in my sewing room. I don't bounce back as quickly at my age. I have a Christmas quilt in the works. In our family we have a name draw for the adults, and this year I have our daughter's name. That was exciting for me, as I wanted to make her a special quilt, not a bed size, but one she could wrap in at the cottage when the wind blows, or maybe when she is feeling tired.The top is almost assembled, and the pieces to assemble the backing are ready to go. The only holdup is me. I can't seem to et enough energy together to make the next step. A bit closer to gifting time, I'll post a picture. Two weekends ago, we enjoyed the company of our granddaughters pup Levi. He i

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