Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas from me

Christmas day is here. We had the pleasure of hitting the road early so we could be at the gift opening of our local grandkids. It was cold and car locks were frozen. The snow was falling in large fluffy flakes. Everything for a perfect winter day.
This is the view from the end of driveway. The snow had just stopped, as the sky had a bit of blue peeking through.
Tomorrow our family will have our traditional turkey dinner. It's a cooperative affair. Omer and I will cook the turkey, make the coleslaw and stuffing as well as the cranberry sauce. We live in an area where cranberry bogs are in abundance,so cranberries are part of normal fare  for us.
Our younger grandkids live in Victoria, so we are very thankful for technology that allows video conferencing , such as SKYPE . That's what we did today with these little ones. It was fun  to share in some way with families.
I did a bit of sewing today. I'm slowly working on the clues for Bonnie Hunter's mystery at she has a number of free patterns as well as much valuable info. Bonnie is a generous quilter, sharing with us  on a regular basis.
I've been working away at Clue#1 the bits which look like star points. Once you get the hang of sewing the pieces correctly, it is a breeze. Accuracy is super important.
The four patches are from clue #4. I haven't started #2 or #3 yet. I'll get there eventually.
Another project I'm working on is a baby quilt for a soon to be born . This little one will be here mid February so a warm quilt would work well. I'm making a chenille quilt. With a bit of steady attention on my part, I could have the line sewing done by Sunday. We'll see. This is a pic of the present status
I must also show one of the little Christmas tags I was making before the big day.
With to and From on the inside, these are very attractive on a special gift.
Just before I call it a day, have a peek at Sadie as she greeted us at the door this morning.
These daschies, Sadie, and Henry, love to greet you, sit with you , and wait ever so patiently for something to fall from a plate just for them. They are sweet

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Winter solstice. and new beginnings

Today was that special day where we in our hemisphere have the least amount of daylight in the year. For me, it is the day that announces the beginning of a new year with spring coming, just inching along for now, but still, coming. It is also a period of many birthdays in our family. Now why do you think this happens? Little clumps of celebratory days leading up to Christmas and the new year. Birthdays are such special days. In fact we celebrate Christmas to celebrate the birthday of a man born long ago in Bethlehem. What change he brought to this world.
We are having weird weather this week and weekend. tonight it has started to rain, and there was some freezing rain last night. Over the next couple of days there is rain, fog, freezing rain. snow, and ice pellets all in the forecast. It will sort itself out eventually, but my hope this will happen before all the holiday travelers start on the roads.
I have my start made for Bonnie Hunters mystery. In addition to completing the cutting for Clue number one, I have 15 units made for that clue, and I've downloaded all to the fur clues released to this point. This morning I did a mini cleanup of the sewing area. What a pain. It did allow me to start a small baby quilt for a little one who is scheduled to arrive in Feb. Since my plans include being at a quilt show in Phoenix then, I'd like to get this project done in advance. I'm making a chenille quilt using printed flannel. It sure is tedious sewing all of those 5/8" rows, but the result is so cozy and easy care that I persist. It is so exciting for young families expecting that first baby. I remember from my own experience.
Perhaps I'll get to the point that a pic is possible tomorrow. We'll wait and see

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

December daze

Tonight we are sitting here preparing for the approaching snowfall and wind. Today the sunshine made diamond glitters over the snows surface. Even a -17C can be beautiful. There are only a few more days until Christmas, and if you brave the cold in the evening, you can  enjoy the Christmas lights that neighbours have strung to celebrate this season of joy and love.
Our family will be celebrating Christmas minus our mum. she went to join our dad in Heaven a week ago. Mums are such important people in our lives. If you are a daughter, you may have shared a very close relationship, or it may have been one with much love but also some conflict. Our mum left us with a wonderful legacy. She had a great capacity for loving others. there was always room at the inn(her heart).  We can all open our hearts to others without losing a thing. We will gain a new friend. My mum also demonstrated respect for herself and others. Her example to us ingrained a certain way of being that has become automatic. Probably the greatest gift we received was her gift of being quick to forgive. It wasn't always easy for her, but she was always able to forgive and provide second chances to all who injured her or hers in some way. what gifts she had to give
Last week our monthly sewing group met at the Covered Bridge Quiltery to work on our selvedge totes, and to order out for our Christmas lunch. It was grea fun. I love this group of quilters. Next month I hope to post some pics of the finished projects.
I've finished the mailing of Christmas cards. It is one of my favourite Cristmas activities. There was no Christmas letter this year though with mum in the hospital. I think I may just be up for  a bit of decorating this weekend. We already have the Christmas turkey in the freezer. He was acquired early one morning on our way to Riverview for our quilting party. Lets face it, who can resist a 98cents/lb  Christmas dinner.
I want to make a few more cards and tags just because I love to cut, paste, colour, and glue. I love the freedom of play.
There have been some pretty interesting Christmas movies on tv this year as well. I have started the Bonnie Hunter quilt mystery . is where you can find the clues. she is up to Part 3, while I am just beginning to sew together the pieces for Part 1. There is no race, thank goodness. I have all year to make this quilt.
Have a great day toorrow

Monday, 2 December 2013

How many days until Christmas?

Winter i most definitely here. my toes will not be warm again until spring or until I visit Janet in Arizona. We had some white on the ground yesterday. today the temp is just above zero. Today Omer and I are minding the SA kettle for a couple of hours. coming home from the hospital last night we enjoyed the early display of Christmas lights along the route. Tonight perhaps I will see more. There is something about those lights that is heartwarming. This morning early we had a surprise visitor.
Do you recognize him? I was working on my Christmas applique blocks when he arrived. I know my photo is not great, but he moves fast

Here is my old world Santa in cloth
This snow guy doesn't show up too well.

This is the Christmas lineup up to today.
Santa has a wonderful twinkle in his eye. He did not confirm whether I made it to the good list or not, but I am hoping