Sunday, 24 June 2018

June projects

June is almost over, and I am not yet completely in my little beach cottage. Ir is an unusual year. I do have a couple of sweet things to post here though today before month end. The first is my little purple bear from the pattern by Gione Stevens -Gardener at The Clever Chameleon.  {}You might want to visit Dione. She has interesting subjects, she is funny, and very friendly, ass well as being a very creative designer.
In fat he is standing on his head, but my camera would not accommodate that.This is bear#6. I hope to have a whole family by December, maybe enough for a basketball team. I'm enjoying the FIFA soccer these days. I think television is great to let us into the world of sport that we might never be able to access in person.
Patterns by Jen is hosting a colour challenge as well, and these are the purple blocks I made for this month's challenge.

Last month I posted about making a pattern for a pin cushion , somewhat like I had seen in a shop.Well I ended up expanding my pincushion plans, and ended up with a few. These were part of a project we had at our quilt guild called the "Paint Chip Challenge" The chip I got{these were drawn randomly}, was a red shade. I'll just post the cushions.


In addition I finished a project started some time ago. This is out of my wheelhouse, but I will keep trying
This was the unfinished state. Guess I haven't rephotographed him yet.
I guess that is it for today. Hugs to anyone who visits me.