Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Here we sit with a brand new year starting and a bundle of new opportunities for adventure. The climate controller seems to be wanting those of us in the east to understand that WINTER IS HERE. Well, I got it. Today I nurtured the warming fire in our little woodstove. Omer went out and did whatever chores required a trip to town. I just wasn't up to it. I also sewed a bit on the four patches for Bonnie Hunter's mystey. she revealed the quilt yesterday, and it is a worthy project. I particularly like the way the elements appear to have motion. Remember, I won't finish until late spring at the earliest. I guess there are no races left in my life. I visited Beth Ferrier's blog tonight, Regardless of where we live, there are stages in life we all experience. Beth will not be hosting a BOM this year, as she is reorganizing and prioritizing the empty nest. I sure hope that she has a great year. Visit her blog at some time when you have a bit of time.
I want to post some pictures that will record for me where I am today. I'm hoping to ecome a bit better organized through this year of 2014.

And it has snowed another 15 cm since this pic.
I've been working on a Chenille baby quilt for my cousin Sharon's much anticipated grand baby, I want to record the stages
 Cutting between the rows of stitching is another time consumer, but good to do while watching tv or listening to music