Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Appliqued borders

Today I want to see if I make any progress on my cot quilt. Yesterday I got caught up in reading The Racketeer by John Grisham. I've been waiting for this library loan for over three months. It was a good read, but a large chunk of yesterday's free time was consumed enjoying it. Just before midnight, and before toddling off to bed, I did the last step for this part of the process.
Over the past week I've done little bits of prep for the appliqued borders. First I traced the shapes on cardstock, then to the fabric

 I used heat resistant mylar first, but have lost the templates, so card stock was what was left.The flowers and flower centres were traced and I added seam allowance for turning under when cutting.

Plastic sandwich bags were great for storing all of the applique parts The stems were simply cut the right size on the bias. The leaves were traced on wonder under and fused to the leaf fabric Those small pieces need to be contained, and a sandwich bag does that nicely for me.

My late night activity last night was fusing the leaves to the border pieces. I fused a very light interfacing to the border fabric prior to adding the leaves. I'm not sure of the wisdom in this move, but I was concerned that the machine blanket stitching I plan to use on the leaves might have puckers. We'll see how this works.After I figured out the sequence needed to apply the various parts of the flower, I knew the leaves needed to be first so I used the stem to determine their placement.

Midnight arrived just as I was finished fusing all of the leaves to the border pieces.

My plan for today is to blanket stitch each of the twenty-eight leaves . Then if I am very organized, perhaps start to add the stems. They too will be machine appliqued using the blanket stitch. After that it will all be hand sewing for the flower blooms.

It is a sunny morning, with just a dusting of white on the ground, a reminder that we are not completely out from winter's influence. I think it is just about time for breakfast