Sunday, 28 September 2014

What a great weather day here on the Northumberland Strait. September28th, the temperature is 26.6 degrees C, and I just had a full tide swim.  I  am thankful for these golden opportunities.
Yesterday I was off to Riverview New Brunswick to participate in the PastTimers hook in. There were approximately 85 rug hookers there, coming from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. From ten a.m. until two p.m. the hall had the music of this many voices sharing a similar interest. There is much support and help in the company of hookers(mat makers). The host group provided a feast during the lunch hour, and many rug hookers brought some of their work for display during the day. On Monday, the 29th, the Truro Nova Scotia group will host a similar gathering. I learn more about the craft at these events, and I share the comraderie of other interested fibre craftspersons. Don't think this activity is  exclusive to women. There are men who bring their talent and skill to the mat.I am working on this mat presently. Unlike my quilting endeavors, where I have many UFO's, I work on one mat at a time. I have less time to devote to the mat, but it will be finished in time and find it's way to a floor in our house or perhaps in the home of a friend or family member.
I started this mat last winter,after  I finished my turkey platter mat. The pattern is an older one, a Lib Callaway pattern #189 Beatty Bird. The address printed on the burlap gives 109 Shady Knoll Lane, New Canaan, Ct. This mat pattern is 26" x 39". This pattern came to me by way of another rug hooker, a member of the Northport Loopers. I hope to finish it within another 12 months. Yesterday I saw such beautiful colours in the wool for sale from the vendor in attendance. Her name is Darlene, and she comes from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. She and her husband are very gracious, and it is a pleasure to purchase their goods.
While I was there, I was fortunate to win a door prize. This pair of felted wool mittens was made locally by another crafter. They are so warm and comfy
I will wear these with joy this Maritime winter.
This afternoon I will work a bit on the mystery instructions for our Sew and Sews. The baby quilt I've been sewing is about ready for a binding. hurrah!
Lucy went home yesterday, but she is back today visiting. She posed a couple of days ago for this picture. Gosh but she is cute.
Tonight I must cut some wool strips for hooking tomorrow; another day, another adventure


Friday, 26 September 2014

Fall Splendor

September is almost finished and all the fall activities are underway. Kids are back to school, even in B.C. so pleased for  those kids. I don't like to think of them missing out on school related activities. The sad part of fall is that I will soon need to close up my little cottage, and return to the real world.This was an awesome summer. Swimming was great, and if you are a watercraft person, or a sun seeker, there was no shortage of opportunity. Once I get back in the fall routine at home, I like it as well. I'm about to add two bits of excitement to my life. First our group of "Sew and Sews" is undertaking a mystery quilt this fall. I love a good mystery whether it is in cloth or the book type. In October we'll reveal our first finished clues. Also a friend and I have signed up to take a quilt class at the Covered Bridge Quiltery. It is the intermediate quilt class spanning eight week of class, 1/2 day per week. I'm betting I'll actually get this one done.
Currently I'm working on a chenille baby quilt for a new baby expected in our family. My niece Karen and her husband Paul, are expecting their first baby in December. A chenille quilt will be warm and cosy in Edmonton's cold winter. My scrappy friendship stars now number over one hundred, and more will be forthcoming.
I have a couple of pictures I want to post here this morning before the carpenter arrives to give me an estimate for the work he will do here at the cottage before winter comes. I need my front step repaired, and a new cover for my pump.
This was a beautiful rainbow we enjoyed for a brief time this summer. It was a gift.

I have 5 granddaughters. They are all so beautiful. Meaghan, our second oldest was snuggling under a quilt with the family daschies. Family is another beautiful part of summer and that easy routine.

My friend Peggy and I attended the Maine Quilt Festival. It was great fun, and this centre was the result of a one day class with Gail Garber teaching. It was Drafting and Designing. This technique uses freezer paper as a foundation. I learned enough to know I'd like to learn more.
We also participated in Sue Nichol's Feathers class. It was very well presented. I learned that if you persist and go carefully, you can do these. I don't have a sample yet to post.

When I got up this morning daylight was this close. It is a fabulous fall day. I've done some sewing, Lucy and I have been out at her request several times, and breakfast is finished.
The lawn needs to be clipped, and I may try that this morning.


Friday, 8 August 2014


This morning the birds have the sandbars to themselves. All of the humans are otherwise occupied. It's raining, and though some will get wet swimming, they may be reluctant to get rained on. Aren't we funny?
This fellow had the bar to himself.
I visited Karen Neary's blog this morning. she is sewing the loveliest NYB blocks. I am anxiously waiting the release of her new book, hopefully in October.
This kind of a day for me suggests a little play on the computer, a swim(already played in the water for an hour), and some reading or sewing, maybe even a nap. what a great way to spend some hours.
I love my little cottage, and the sound of the ocean is a healing potion for my soul if it gets wrinkled. I noticed that there is much yellow in my abode. I think that may reflect my love for light.  Well I guess a day in paradise is here right now

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Home Again

Well I started this note earlier and forgot to hit "save" on the keyboard. I guess I thought it had an autosave function on. July is almost gone, and with it some of our warmest weather. It seems as if July is a month we like to travel and see other places . My friend Peggy and I attended the Maine Quilt Festival last week. We left home on Thursday morning, heading for Augusta. It is a fairly short trip to Maine, and the Mainers are so much like us it feels like home. We had a little experience at the border crossing that resulted in us learning something previously unknown. I knew that citrus fruit could not be taken into the USA, to prevent the entry of some pest that would injure their crops, but I hadn't realized that if you wanted to bring a banana into the country it must be declared, as must a small salad.There is a $300.00 fine if one carries these items in without declaring them.Fortunately we were not fined, but it is something learned.
The Pine Tree Quilters Guild were the hosts for this festival, and they did a great job. Thursday evening there was a Champagne Preview, a ticketed event that allowed us to view the quilts, and roam the Merchants Mall  before the show opened to the public.That was a real bonus for me as my days were full days of quilt classes. Oh yes. there was champagne or wine or soft drink available with the ticket given on admission, as well as snacks,fruit, crackers, and cheese. It was a fun evening that also allowed Peggy and I to map our way from our hotel in Waterville to the Civic Centre in Augusta.
Friday's workshop with Gail Garber was most definitely a challenge. I entered the classroom with trepidation on Friday morning. I'm not a math guru, and those strange looking tools required sounded intimidating. As we all know, if we don't put ourselves out there, we might miss some really fun adventures. That was true for me. I would not likely ever work with a flexible curve and a compass with extender arm without Gail's class.We were drafting and designing our own piece. I needed a significant amount of help, and it was provided. I don't think it was as difficult for others, but I have a learning disability.I don't perceive things in three dimension, and need help with these perceptual ideas, Before day's end I had one section sewn using Gail's freezer paper piecing method. It was fun.
Saturday Peggy and I were having a great day in Sue Nichol's Feathers and Fillers on domestic machines. Sue tells us that we need Patience, Perseverance, and Practice to develop the skills necessary to make the delightful FMQ designs on our home machines that she makes.This was  another good day and we were fatigued at day's end.
Sunday was our trip home. Again we took it in stages, and it worked well. Thanks to the teachers we met, the merchants who shared demos at their booths, and the Pine Tree Quilters for helping us have a great few days. Oh yeah, Peggy was a great traveling companion.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

It's Tuesday

It's Tuesday, and Arthur is now but a memory for most of us. The surprise for all of us on the shoreline was that the wind stayed out of the south,and southwest. That was a shocker, but it also probably limited the damage done to our beach front and to cottage fronts.Other than one panel in my screen room, and one compost bin moving somewhat, all was great.
At home an eighteen foot top of a Norway spruce broke off and fell along the side of our house denting the eaves trough, and scraping the cedar clapboards. Luckily the large window close by was missed. Our local golf course suffered a number of casualties with trees being uprooted, or broken off at mid trunk.
There are only two weeks left before Peggy and I depart for Augusta ME. and the Maine Quilt Festival. This will be an adventure for us.Days are flying by here, and the calendar says we are  well into July. Why are these summer months so brief?
Lucy is I believe making a little progress, with the anxiety reduction activities we are attempting. It will no doubt take a very long time to make significant changes.
It is such a sleepy day for me. I think I'll watch a little of The Hobbits We recorded this film for me to watch on just such a day.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Life at the cottage includes quilting

After a few days to settle into my beach routine, I think I've got it. This week has been warmer with a significant humidity. Arthur will no doubt change all of this. I've been checking out just what I need to secure. A north east blow will move many things, and this little cottage sits out on the point. The weather warnings suggest power outages and damage to trees might be possible tomorrow. There is something both chilling and exciting about weather events. Some of my family including me, have loved to play in the big surf, as long as rip tides are not too strong. As I get older, I'm not quite as steady on my pins as I once was, so I'm a bit more cautious these days. This morning the air is filled with bird song. so much music from these small creatures.
This is my view this morning
Lucy is with me . I'm attempting to help her be less anxious about all the small things that happen every day. She barks at too many things. Wish I had a magic touch, but nope I don't. She is such a sweet dog. I really would like to help with this issue.
She is in her quiet mode here.For a tiny dog weighing less than eight pounds, she has a big bark, very sharp.
I have a few little quilting items I've played with over the past bit of time.
I'm still working on Bonnie Hunter's last mystery Celtic Solstice . I have one clue plus this chevron unit, before I can start to put it together. As long as I'm done before the next one starts, I'll be content.These mysteries Bonnie so generously shares, always challenge me with colourways, as well as seeing just how small blocks can be combined.No fabric is too ugly to morph into that beautiful swan.
These little friendship stars are one of my ideas for using some of the little HST's I have in my posession. These are scrappy, but with some control. The backgrounds are definitely not controlled pattern, but I try to keep the value in each star similar. The coloured scraps may have a centre different from the points, or perhaps the points are different, but the same value.These made up to 6 1/2 " unfinished.

I have many HST's of different prints and sizes. While Trying different arrangements, this one suits my taste. There is a star, but itt is not always immediately obvious.I found that by pressing the seams open, I had a flatter block, more easily managed. When I get some time, I plan to see what else presents itself.
Well that is my entry for today. Lucy and I must go to town, complete some little chores, and return to prepare for Arthur's arrival tomorrow. I like to be ready early.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Turning corners

Today I turned another corner. The past six months have been both challenging and rewarding. Yesterday I turned the keys of my parent's home over to a new owner. There were sixty years of memories in that small well kept house. I saw  my mum's thumbprint in the decor. She loved a combination of the formal and English cottage styles.The bookkeeping showed my dad's careful hand.Today all of those material expressions of their lives are dispersed, some to family members, some to organizations who will see reuse of the items. Over this time, I've seen habits they had, unknown to me, but habits which are being carried on in my life. How is it that I handle stationery in the same way as my dad? My never ending use of pencils to figure out budget issues,figuring and re-figuring. using reams of paper and numerous pencils many of which are stubs. I love erasers too. There is never a shortage of writing instruments in this house. I was happy to see a couple anxious to settle into a new home and make their stamp visible.
Like all humans, I have my strengths, and my weaknesses. There was a need in me to handle this small estate in a manner acceptable to my parents, although they are both gone. That has been done. During the process though, many things weighed heavily on my mind and heart. I worried  about the outcome of my management of the process more than I could have imagined. At one point I was having difficulty sleeping. That is definitely not like my norm. I borrowed all the possible problems  that might happen. Thankfully none of them did. I think it was Mark Twain who said "I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened." I have heard that one from my husband, who has had experience with anxiety. I have had a small taste of what anxiety can do. It is fatiguing, and robs one of self confidence. One day I finally said to myself." Lynn this is not working. Let it go. God has a plan for everything. Let it work.Amazing things have happened. The property sold to folks who need a home, and they are the kind of people you would welcome into your neighborhood..
I'm feeling my lighthearted natural self reappearing little by little. Life is a precious gift, and I am so ready to be part of the greater whole. I am blessed to have life, reasonable health, a supportive, honest and dependable husband, great kids(they are grown with families of their own). and a few good friends.
I think I'll spend a good bit of my summer in our little cottage at the beach. That environment is good for my soul. It reenergises me, and helps me keep my head clear. I could watch the tides and the skies endlessly.
Of course there is my sewing which seems to me like an integral part of my being.I am far from the most skilled. and certainly lack the creative abilities of some of my friends, but the pleasure I derive from playing with my bits of cloth matches any I have encountered. This tool for communicating,(the web I mean), has opened up the workrooms of many sewing and quilting folk to me. It's great, so much fun seeing what we are all doing. Then you can surf and visit the fabric suppliers. It is a great way to pass free time.
I have been doing a bit of puddling with fabric bits, and the next time I write, I'll include them.
Tonight I just wanted to record some of my feelings as I have been turning this particular corner in life.
Lynn ,  

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Update May2,2014

I do believe spring is here. Winter has been a long stretch, and somehow it saps my energy somewhat.  Some sewing is taking place here. I have finally gotten a start with my frame Pfaff quilter. It`s scary but exhilarating as I realize just what the potential of this machine is. Yesterday I loaded a small child`s quilt and today have been thinking about the quilt design I want to add. Thread has been another consideration for me today. As a start up machine quilter I do not have the large cotton thread cones in a large variety of colours. I guess I`ll go slowly, and just buy what I need for each quilt.
My friend Marilyn was in to Mrs Pugsleys Emporium this past week and she reports a great new shipment of Oriental fabrics have arrived. Beth has beautiful fabrics available from many fabric manufacturers. Whether it is a traditional Moda, or a wild Patrick Losier, you may find it there. She also has patterns by Karen Neary. Karen`s patterns are well written, and her instructions are clear and helpful. I have found that buying patterns is sometimes a `crap shoot`. There may be a great photo on the cover, but check the inside. Read the instructions to ensure they seem logical and understandable to you. If there are applique pieces, check to see if they have been reversed prior to printing. That either adds a step if not done, or can speed the process is all is ready to go. I have been struggling with a pattern which was part of a BOM I purchased. The instructions for one of the months blocks told me to sew the block carefully. That one line was the entire instruction given. Although I am not an expert, sewing has been part of my life for a long time, and I want to maximize my enjoyment. Using well written patterns is part of the enjoyment for me.
These bags were made from Karen`s Selvage bag pattern. Aren`t they great! We made these at the Sew and Sews monthly sew day. I love these quilters.


This little quilt is only 36`x 36`, but it is so sweet and cozy.  I think this is a perfect size for a newborn. sometimes I have made quilts that seem way too big for the little ones.The little pink mice in this print go well with the small pink check in the binding.
This is the small quilt currently loaded on the quilter. The cats surrounding the maze where the two mice are hiding, are for my granddaughter who loves cats. I hope she will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. The simple design is mine.

I finished this one last week. Flannel quilts with cotton battings are HEAVY. I must remember that. I used an open meander pattern which suited the nine patch on point pattern. The blocks for this quilt were part of an international block swap a few years ago on a quilting forum. 

Meet Lucy
I don`t think Ive posted a picture of the newest addition to our family. She is sweet in nature, and small enough for me an my arthritic body to manage easily. She came to us from the local shelter, and we are blessed to share our home with this small creature.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

March Break

Today is the  first day of some extended daylight with the time change. I always looke forward to this time  of year. soon the bare branches of the poplar trees will have a greenish cast visible, and in a couple of months there will be the delicate greens of spring exploding all round us. The banks of snow around the house are starting to recede a bit with the sunshine and the winds blowing yesterday. There is a weather statement visible  on the Environment Canada weather site, advising that Wednesday evening and into Thursday this week, ,we can expect periods of snow or rain. We will watch upcoming statements and prepare appropriately. Weather we cannot control, but how we react to it is all ours.
 There is still so much sorting to do at my parent's home before we sell the property. I have a new appreciation for what many of my friends and acquaintances have  done in similar situations. It is difficult to sort through the collection of things gathered over the 50+ years of living in the same house. These things are filled with memories, but it is impossible to keep this collection in homes of the remaining family members. It is an emotional journey.
I have been sewing a bit this week. I decided some time ago, that it is time to find a use for all the HST's in my stash. I know I have in excess of 1000 of these bits. On Bonnie Hunter's site Quiltville .com I found some ideas and in conversation with my friend Peggy, I have collected a few more ideas. Although I have a large number of other projects in process, I want to make some headway with this one.
I returned home on February 20th after my trip to Phoenix and on to Victoria B.C. This was a wonderful experience. My cousins Janet, and Karole are so much fun, and quilters as well. We stayed at Janet and Ross's Phoenix home, and Janet drove us to a number of interesting spots in the area. Then I was off to Victoria to visit with Mike, Kim, and the girls. Although I had a nasty virus while there, it was still an experience not to be missed.  After I got back to Nova Scotia, it took a bit to get my normal life back in place. I have a couple of pictures to post of the AQS quilt show in Phoenix. While I took many photos, I will post only a couple. If any quilter has the opportunity to attend an event like this, I hope they will avail themselves of that opportunity. I know I will.

I wish I could enlarge these again, but you will get the idea. It was a feast for my eyes. There were also a large number of vendors as well as classes for quilters.
That is it for tonight. goodnight

Friday, 7 February 2014

Hello from Phoenix

What a surprise!. Here I am in Phoenix, attending the AQS show. I have not been a faithful journal keeper through this past month. January was cold and stormy at times, while it seemed like spring on a few days. We have been sorting through the history of my parents life through the weeks. They were a couple in love through the seventy years of life together. Now they are together once again. Losing your parents is definitely a challenging situation, even if you are like me, over 65 yrs. Now I am sitting here in Phoenix with my two fun cousins, Janet and Karole. Last weekend we attended the Rusty Barnes vendors event. There were over two hundred booths offering fabric and furnishings. That was a bit overwhelming for me, but in a very nice way. Then this week, we attended the opening day of the AQS quilt show and vendors market as well as classes in a number of techniques useful in quilting. We are limiting ourselves to the show and vendors. My feet and legs are tired after two days at the Phoenix convention centre. I took oodles of pictures, but will need to wait until I get home to post them. This little netbook does not have a slot for an SD card.I will record fro my future memories though. It was great to sit in the anterooms and watch all of those quilters entering with anticipation, and leaving with  their parcels safely stored in a multitude of bags, different sizes, and style. There were a few dear husbands sitting there as well, some reading from their e-readers, or in some cases magazines probably purchased for just such a time. Four days of looking at all of the beautiful fibre works. Bed quilts, wall hangings, traditional and not are all displayed for our enjoyment
Add to this scenario the opening of the Sochi., and you get a glimpse of the blessings I have and am enjoying.
I received a note from Karen Neary today about the quilting retreat to be held at White Point Beach resort in April. That would be a fun time as well. good luck to all of those quilters who get the opportunity to attend. Karen has a sweet free Valentines project on her blog at present. Go have a peek.
Tonight for the first time in my life, I had Fajitas for supper. Life is full of firsts.
As the men's group from Russia entertains us at the opening of the games, I say goodnight to my journal. .My eyes are no longer focusing. love to all

Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Here we sit with a brand new year starting and a bundle of new opportunities for adventure. The climate controller seems to be wanting those of us in the east to understand that WINTER IS HERE. Well, I got it. Today I nurtured the warming fire in our little woodstove. Omer went out and did whatever chores required a trip to town. I just wasn't up to it. I also sewed a bit on the four patches for Bonnie Hunter's mystey. she revealed the quilt yesterday, and it is a worthy project. I particularly like the way the elements appear to have motion. Remember, I won't finish until late spring at the earliest. I guess there are no races left in my life. I visited Beth Ferrier's blog tonight, Regardless of where we live, there are stages in life we all experience. Beth will not be hosting a BOM this year, as she is reorganizing and prioritizing the empty nest. I sure hope that she has a great year. Visit her blog at some time when you have a bit of time.
I want to post some pictures that will record for me where I am today. I'm hoping to ecome a bit better organized through this year of 2014.

And it has snowed another 15 cm since this pic.
I've been working on a Chenille baby quilt for my cousin Sharon's much anticipated grand baby, I want to record the stages
 Cutting between the rows of stitching is another time consumer, but good to do while watching tv or listening to music