Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Morning after

Last night it was stimulating to be in attendance at the opening of the FAF in Amherst. There were lots of familiar faces, as well as many new friends to be met. After the opening i went over to the Four Fathers library for a book return. while there, I enjoyed the display of fibre art displayed around the main room. There was scrumptious knitted pieces ,some crossstitch, embroidery, and even some wearable art.
Today our community garden group will meet to plan for the next year of planting. Today it may seem like so far away, but the soil will be ready to work before we know . Time is one of those things we cannot slow, nor rush. "Seize the day" That is so wise.
For the first time, I made sweet red pepper jelly this year. Using two different but similar recipes, two batches are ready for winter treats. My sister has already tested the first batch at a dinner party with great success. I'm encouraged. This is what it looks like.

I believe the flash has deadened the brilliance of the jellies colour. Well this is mt record of the first.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Fibre Arts Festival

Well tonight is the opening f the 2013 FAF. There is so much for anyone and everyone to see and experience this week. Quilt shows, free demonstrations of various fibre crafts, the walking tour, and a number of classes to learn a new skill. I'll leave the house in about ten minutes, and go to the Amherst Dominion building to share with others the opening of this event.
whee, there is so much fun to be had this week

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The days of gratefulness

Well the feast is over, the company was awesome, and today the rack is in the pot. soup will e in this household tomorrow. We were only 10 this Thanksgiving dinner, but it was rich in good food, great conversation, and love. The evening was capped for me when the phone rang just before bed, and it was my Uncle Jack in Penetang calling with their Thanksgiving wishes. My cousin Karole and her husband Lorne, had invited our grandson Seamus for the weekend. Now this may seem like small potatoes to some, but Seamus is in toronto in his first year at UofT in an engineering program. This very special young man, has grown up in a town of fewer than four thousand, and this is really his first venture from home. Subways, the Go train. and meeting family members he has never met, seem quite challenging to me. He went for it, and of course, Karole and Lorne being who they are, generous and loving, made him feel at home quickly. During the short call, I got to speak with my precious uncle, my sweet cousin, and our dear Seamus. My table is complete.
This morning in addition to getting the soup started, I sorted through yarns and patterns left with e for distribution following the passing of an avid crafter. This week I hope to offer these things during the Fibre Arts Festival. There will be so many interesting programs available throughout the week.
Our ladybug infestation seems to have ended. If these little flying creatures bring luck, I should be the next lottery winner.
I am very happy that the two granddaughters who are in nursing programs are satisfied with their choices, and are doing well. They are both home for the weekend, and it is a treat to see how they are maturing. Emily has taken up some knitting. She is working on a Christmas gift for her mum. The yarn she is using is roving spun ot be yarn, but there is not twist in it as you would have in worsted. It is very soft. Any other of its properties are unknown to me. I think I might be able to use it in Thrummed mittens.

This pair I made recently for practice. As a novice and mostly self taught knitter, there are many bumps in my road as I learn to make these. I do like the picot edge on the wrists. I guess I should call them cuffs.
This summer my neighbour Judy, gave me a pattern for another mitten, hotdog mitts. I have completed the bodies of the pair, but will need more guidance for the thumbs. I liked knitting these so far

See how they look like long tubes before they are on a hand. They fit close to the hand, and the cuff is longer than some. In the hands of a real knitter, these could be beautiful. Mine will be functional for now.
I guess that is my today note.  Keep sunshine in your heart

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Thanksgiving at my N.S. home

Well it is Thanksgiving in my little part of the world. The turkey, a twenty some pounder with summer savory potato stuffing, is in the oven, breast side down, and covered with muslin soaked in unsalted butter. Mmmmmm but it will be so good. The coleslaw with a family held recipe and cranberry sauce is in the fridge,turnip is cooked, and the buttercup and butternut squashes have been roasted. Another family has a variety of pies baking today, and the third family member will bring us potatoes, whipped, carrots, and peas. The wine I co-made with my granddaughter is chilling for tonight. I am truly blessed.The remainder of my family are in distant places. I trusr they will enjoy the blessings we have received. My dear sister is visiting with one of her sons and his delightful family in Australia for a month, and I think their Thanksgiving will be at another time.
Big news in the household is the arrival of my longarm quilter. It is not one of the really big guys, but it does manage to occupy half of our living room.
Don't you just love it!
I am working on a wall hanging that is a paid work for a lady who will have him (the snowman), celebrate the approaching season. I hope to get all of the details done in the upcoming week. This guy is distinctly Canadian. His scarf says it all.

He is the bottom one, not quite finished yet.He is awfully cute though.
Yesterday was the quilting day for those wonderful women who should perhaps be called Martha's Marvels. They are all so kind and full of fun.
While I didn't have a big project to work on there. I did some strip sewing, and made a couple of blocks from the upcoming retreat quilt. I love scrappy.
This split nine patch can really eat into that pile of scraps we all seem to have. Thinking of scraps, I noticed on Bonnie Hunter's  blog, Quips and Snips, she will be releasing the fabric requirements for her upcoming mystery on or about Oct 23rd. Last years mystery, Easy Street, was fun and a great finished top as well. I'll be waiting

I wonder if there are others who enjoy these magazines as much as I do. They are great inspiration, as well as entertainment. Thanks to the publishers and the talented designers who make the projects.
My issues are mainly older ones, but I treasure them.
I think I'm finished writing for now, but I may go check out Leah Day's machine quilting site. Take a peek if you happen to be visiting me. Have a great weekend