Thursday, 31 May 2018

My little green bear

Well here he is all ready for final exams at school. He's been busy, and has worked very hard so now he is ready to play. Isn't he a sweetie

Saturday, 19 May 2018

It's Mothers Day. In our part of the world the sun is shining, and I have little Lucy spending half an hour on my knee. In some way I guess I would be her mother replacement.

Today I will share a high tea with my daughter and one of my granddaughters. I'm looking forward to the fun.
Yesterday I saw a picture of a pincushion I liked so I set out to pattern a "something like" This is what I have accomplished to this point.
The  tools I used are a pencil, an eraser(essential), plain copy paper, square, paper scissors, and a 
geometry compass. I also needed a toonie, a shot glass and a water glass. When I examine the outcome, I really used a large number of tools. Later today I'm going to attempt to get a start on the project.
Well I can see that I didn't get back to this draft. I can see the pattern for the three tier pin cushion I was blogging about today. The finished product is in next blog post.
The Mother's Day tea was a huge success. We three enjoyed the company and the presentation.
I'll post this one today as well. i'm playing catchup.

What's under my needle this month

Would you believe how quickly this month of May is passing? This is the beginning of the Victoria Day holiday, and zoom, I'm still not moved into the cottage, and time is passing like the speed of light.
Outside my window this morning everything is sunshine and shadows. But there is green everywhere.My picture doesn't give you a great idea, but if you look hard you will see full blown spring.

It has been a busy month. Our quilt guild is getting ready for our yearly retreat, as well as our summer closing in June. I've been sewing for both of those events. As well, my little green bear is waiting for some final stitching. Hopefully this weekend. 
At our closing we will be sharing projects made over the past few months using the paint chip we were given. This is a little colour play., a great way to investigate and experiment with colour. My chip comes from the pure red section of the wheel. It has had black and grey added to it. The guidelines for the challenge allow me to play anywhere on the section. Here is my first small project.
I didn't have a pattern for this, but I've seen three tiered pin cushions, and wanted to try using some prints that complement my reds. 

Pink is on my section, and Aqua green is opposite. This was fun, but my pattern needs some tweaking. Now I have a second project as well. It is not finished yet, but I am hopeful.
There is still quite a bit of work to do with this project. I do hope I finish it on time.

Look at these cuties.

This pattern, called Sweet Pea Pods is from Lazy Girl Designs. They are small, but when zipped open, they stay open some so a great place for small sewing items like Clover Clips. I need to keep these under wraps until the closing.
Today I am starting the new mystery offered by Darlene D'Eon, A Needle Pulling Thread Quilt shop. I'm a bit behind, but after today I'll be less so.
Have a great holiday weekend.

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Aprils Wind up.

This year is flying. wow!. all of my good intentions have gotten swallowed up by life. It has been a good month though. I have another little bear to share.
He is my little bear of enthusiasm and positive outlook.
Isn't he a honey.
You can find the pattern for these bears over at The Clever Chameleon
Dione has a new pattern each month and you can join the fun.
Now that May is here we have a new bear. He will be green, and a lover of learning. While he is on my list of great things to accomplish this month, there are several pressing items to finish first. We are getting close to cottage time, when I pull up stakes and move to the shore at Port Howe Nova Scotia. My heart is on the Northumberland Strait. It's the sea you see.
This is the view from my little deck.

Since the month of May is a celebration of green, I have several blocks and a sweet quilt to share.

This is Roxy's quilt. No pattern, but a pillow panel purchased at a guild swap was my beginning. Roxy loves pandas, so this seemed like a great place to start. she is happy with this to cuddle.
It is a green day here in nova Scotia. Spring is bursting out all over.