Color Me Red


Friday, 8 August 2014


This morning the birds have the sandbars to themselves. All of the humans are otherwise occupied. It's raining, and though some will get wet swimming, they may be reluctant to get rained on. Aren't we funny?
This fellow had the bar to himself.
I visited Karen Neary's blog this morning. she is sewing the loveliest NYB blocks. I am anxiously waiting the release of her new book, hopefully in October.
This kind of a day for me suggests a little play on the computer, a swim(already played in the water for an hour), and some reading or sewing, maybe even a nap. what a great way to spend some hours.
I love my little cottage, and the sound of the ocean is a healing potion for my soul if it gets wrinkled. I noticed that there is much yellow in my abode. I think that may reflect my love for light.  Well I guess a day in paradise is here right now