Saturday, 18 August 2018

Rainy day in August

This morning I finished my August bear, the yellow/orange fellow. While the colour challenge for August s this colour, I was amazed at how unclear I was about what this colour actually looks like. Google described it as amber. I've made four blocks, and this little fellow using what I believe to be yellow/orange.
This block leans toward the yellow side of the wheel

This definitely toward the orange

Although this in the pic seems more orange, the yellow /orange combination is evident 

This block  seems to me to be closest to the amber I mentioned.

This is my little August buddy. I used a yellow/orange fern print for this design. If you happen upon my blog, and want your own bear family, head on over to The Clever Chameleon site. The patterns are there, free for now, a gift to us from Dione Gardner Stephens.

It's a very rainy day here at the cottage, I have tried to get a pic on my little point and shoot to show just how heavy the rain, but it is difficult to do. The drumming on the roof, the emptying of the downspouts, the greyness of the sky all tell the story.

A good day to stay at home and have quiet entertainment. I'm sewing a bit today, and perhaps will do a little painting with watercolours.It's something I am attempting