Wednesday, 4 April 2018

I Must Be Getting Old.

Tonight I went to our daughter's house to get some help with using my Mac Book Pro. I also wanted to set up Instagram to post pictures of my bear for the monthly colour challenge but was not successful. There is so much to learn, but for me not enough energy to get it all done.I'm a trying, but it is a slow progress.
The colour challenge for January was red. This is my little red bear. He comes from Dione Stephens Gardener at the Clever Chameleon. Dione is posting a different bear pattern each month for the twelve months of 2018.

In February the colour was blue, and this is my little guy. He is so happy, makes a cold Feb. day a little brighter.

Then along comes March. This fella is skipping forward read for spring. I used a Michael Miller fabric from a few years ago called Mirror Ball. It worked great.The tummy patch fabric was a Nancy Halvorsen scrap from one of my scrap baskets.
April's colour is orange. It is not always the first go to colour for many of us, but it can be so effective. I can remember when the only place I thought orange would be used would be for pumpkins. Those days are long past. Orange can go anywhere. I use Joen Wolfrom's color tool as a guide when I want to get a grand view of what any particular colour can look like.
I'm using raw edge applique for these bears. They are my first attempts with raw edge applique, and I'm finding it does not take a lot of practice to develop some expertise. Dine also suggests in placing a thin layer of batting between the applique and the background for a Trapunto effect. I am following her suggestion, and I think it is going to be effective. It's a great opportunity to use some of your smaller batting scraps as well.
A second project I'm doing this year is a block of the week challenge from Darlene D'Eon from A Needle Pulling Thread Quilt shop in Digby, Nova Scotia. Darlene set this up for the Nova Scotia Online quilters group. She suggested the blocks, and all other choices are the responsibility of the members. I'm choosing to follow Patterns by Jen's colour challenge. There is a different colour in the spotlight each month.
Each month there will be four block sets. Because I am following the colour inspiration offered by Jen, my months will be celebrating different colours ,all from my scrap baskets.
There are other happenings in my sewing room, but that is enough for one night. I hope your creative activities are as much fun as these