Sunday, 31 March 2013

Pieces of my Life

This morning I was sitting in a chair by the window reading a new book. This is one of my great pleasures. As I paused to rest my eyes, and watch the small happenings outdoors, I looked around the room and there sitting in groups were pieces of my life. The picture was typical of me, a number of collections, projects, none of which have been finished. There is a group of books ,the majority of which are written in French. I have read some of them, but not all. My goal had been to gain additional proficiency in my second language. As my eye scanned a bit to the right, there were the CD's I'd started listening to. This was my attempt at mastering some new songs for this tears summer jam sessions. This is not completed. Then there are the piles of quilt blocks strung over the sofa. This project was started almost nine years ago. Guess what, it is not completed. On the chair are the tools I use in card making. I want to continue making fairy cards. I'm still at the mermaid fairy. It just waits my action. On the resin table is the rug hooking project I started probably six years ago. Last night I went to hook with the old group from our library rug hooking days. Will I ever finish this? Move on over to the area going down to the basement. Aha, a collection of bits and pieces waiting to be put away with some other fabric bits.  This is not a bad news scenario. I love doing all of the things mentioned above. My problem is that I don't finish things in a timely manner.
This entry is continued on Friday March 29.  We have had a trip to the Dr. and then an emergency consult to a surgeon since my start yesterday. Thankfully the problem is contained, and the recovery will be slow but sure. This resulted from Omer's skiing accident nine days ago. Life has a way of changing all of our plans.
An interesting thing happened with me last night after we returned from the hospital. Although the hour was late, I  was infused with a burst of energy. This allowed me to sort out all of the black strings contained in my wool scraps for hooking, as well as fusing leaves for the cot quilt. The hooking project has been put away till next week when I will hopefully be able to meet with my old group again, for an evening of camaraderie and progress on the little project.
I can't believe that time is skitting by so fast. I have started this post twice, but with many interuptions, it is Easter Sunday, and I am still writing.
HAPPY EASTER to everyone. I'm sure there are many little ones, and some not so little ones who are enjoying chocolate today. We are enjoying leftover turkey today. Yesterday we gathered at the moores to share a meal. It feels so good to be in the company of those we love. The turkey was tender and ever so moist. Everything else was delicious too.  We have had such good results when we rub the exterior of the poultry with olive oil, then cover  it with a piece of muslin soaked in oil. Basting every half hour, and uncovering the bird about 30 mins, before the cooking is finished. Not one failure on record.

 No it wasn't this chook on our dinner table. I've always liked whimsical
 art, and this guy hangs outside the back door waiting to welcome you.
 This year my christmas cactus has decided to do a small bloom for Easter. I love this colour

 This african violet is providing us with additional colour at this time.
These plants require very little attention and give so much back to us for that small amount of care.
 I'm going to include several pieces of my life, at least the rug hooking part. I realized that I have never taken any photos of the hooked pieces in my life. They are for the most part, utilitarian and on the floor. There are a couple of small pieces that would not work for a floor mat, and perhaps I can add a sleeve and find a place to hang the so I can enjoy the finished piece on a regular basis. I'll be thinking abut all of this.
The above pic shows a mat I made to practice several techniques I'd read about in magazines. It's been on the floor for a number of years now, and is standing up well.

This little piece was a class to demonstrate various ways of shading flowers.
The pattern for this piece is "Washday" one by Deanne Fitzpatrick ,well known for her fibre art. It is a small piece but might look good on a small wall space at the cottage. I'll need to add a sleeve .
Before I finish for the day, I'll add a photo of my grandson Seamus and one of their dogs, Henry. They are both very sweet.

I will close the book for today

Sunday, 17 March 2013

St Patricks Sunday

Happy St. Patricks Day  to everyone. This is a sunny Sunday with numerous great sports games on the tele. Our Canadian women were playing against Latvia this morning. The camera shots of the city hosting this event were extremely interesting. Imagine a country where the total number of curlers would be 250. There is one curling rink dedicated soley to curling. It has two ice surfaces for games. Other curlers use hockey or skating rinks ice. We are certainly fortunate in Canada. Of course there were playoff games to be viewed for the NCAA  basketball playoffs. My husband is not really a big fan like I am, but  he is beginning to get the gist of the game. I'm presently watching the CIS women's basketball final between Regina and Windsor.The womens team from St. Marys won the bronze in this national competition. congratulations ladies. We are proud of you and wish you well with your studies now that you have done the job out on the floor.
 In a few minutes our own UNB mens hockey team will play in the final CIS hockey against another of our teams, the St Mary's Huskies. Both of these teams played awesome games yesterday in the semis. There is also figure skating for those who follow that sport.
During my day today, I managed to get a bit of sewing done, between the sport bites. Here is a pic of Meadow Song with its final border. I elected to leave off the four outside corner pinwheels. This is a pretty piece. It will now wait in the cupboard for other long standing WIP's to be completed to this stage.I'm back working on the little QAYG cot quilt.

 The green in this piece is actually more saturated than the photo indicates. Isn't this a great pattern. There is a handsome husband behind this quilt top. Thank you Omer.

 I don't think I mentioned that Karen Neary had this Meadow song pattern published in a Canadian magazine The Quilters Connection. This is my copy.

I really can't start anything new, but if I could, I'd order a kit from Mrs P's and make another Beauty. This is beautiful fabric and so reasonably priced. I just wish I could start another.I referred to the kit in another episode. There is a picture of the completed sample on Karens blog. If you want to visit Mrs P's blog, here it is. Beth Munro from Amherst has started  a new adventure. She is opening a quilt shop in Amherst, and has a blog where we can follow her activities.
It is going to be a cold night tonight, so I do hope all pet families will make sure their pets are indoors, warm and dry. The hockey game is now going to consume all of my attention. for the next few hours. See you next time. hugs

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Weekend, wonderful weekend

Saturday morning, almost afternoon, and I am still at home savouring the leisure. Some weeks work out differently than our plans. For some of us this is a common occurence, and no big deal. I am a person who jealously guards her leisure, so when the bits I have planned get lost in the wind, it takes me some time to find my groove again. I have been thinking this morning about solitude, and how some of us need it more than others. My mum told me this morning that she prefers to have other humans in her life all of the time, while I need solitude on a daily basis, even if it is for a short time. What about you? When I was working in the nursing field on a regular basis, (that lasted for forty three years), I  found I'd get "peopled out" from time to time. When that happened, I needed to recharge my batteries by finding some solitary activity, so my brain and spirit could get straight. Since I have left the workforce, solitude is available to me on a more regular basis. It is a treat, and it makes my contacts with others sweeter.
I haven't started any sewing yet today, although I did prepare fabric for a back. I also prepared fabric for little puppy nests. Our daughter and her family have two mini daschunds in the family. These are Sadie and Henri. Now Sadie is a small mini, and Henry is on the large end of the mini spectrum. These little beasties like to snuggle into a nest of cloth layers to rest, so 'll make each of them a nest.I haven't figured out all of the measurements, or considerations yet, but my mind is working on it.
Yesterday I worked a bit more on my Meadow Song, a WIP from a long ago workshop with Karen Neary. This is a nice piece and is a good opportunity to use smaller pieces of yardage. I don't refer to them as scraps, as my definition of "scrap" is quite small. I hope to add the next border today.  don't know if you have visited Karen's blog today, but you might want to see if you can guess what she is making with the mirror ball fabrics from Michael Miller.

 This is a poor photo of my Meadow song at its present point, but it gives an idea of the colors used. The applique blocks are a combination of hand and machine applique. The pinwheel blocks are three inch unfinished. My first border is pink and the final will be green. All parts of this piece are from left pieces from other projects.
I feel my eyelids drooping. It happens every time I sit in a chair without some specific task in hand. I'll stop now. hope this is an A+ day for each of you

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Middle of the week Wed. Is spring here?

Today is a family day for me. My mum has a Dr. appt. After we finish there ,if she has other errands we will get those done, and she will be cosy for a bit longer. At 90 years of age, she still lives in her own home, and now has some outside help to keep things running smoothly.
If you want some eye candy, head over to Karen Neary's site, and see the new Maritime Beauty she has created as a sample for Beth Munroe who is opening a new quilt shop in Amherst. Beth is already on the web. This is a gorgeous piece Beth plans to kit. I love fabric, and beautiful quilted pieces
Have a great day

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Friday Thimbleberries sew Day

Friday has come and gone and it was a grand day. Our Thimbleberries group met at The Covered Bridge Quiltery yesterday. We were missing aa couple of our valued members, but the group was ready to make more progress with our projects. My camera's battery was ready to help with the recording of this memory. I thought we'd do a little tour of the day, and introduce the group members.
We gather at Martha's shop
Inside the shop there are great fabrics. Martha and her staff are colour wizards, and she has a palette of blendables that would be the envy of many shops. As a Pfaff dealer, Martha has many machines available, including the long arm, the one of my dreams. Notions and patterns abound. Of course the list wouldn't be complete without mentioning the great machine servicing provided by Peter, who is the service tech.
This is Linda. She is lots of fun, and a great help if you need a knowledgeable quilter from time to time. Yesterday she was working on a rag quilt using some lovely warm homespuns. See some of the machines in the background

.I wouldn't want to forget to include a pic of the computerized long arm Pfaff has for sale. It is on my wish list, and is any reader has one, my best wishes to you . enjoy to the nth degree.
These are pictures of some areas of the shop interior. We walk through here on our way to the classroom.
Want to meet some of my quilting friends? Well first I want to introduce you to our fearless leader. This woman can figure out any quilt related math problem. That is just one of the many skills she shares with us on our quilting journey.
Sitting to my right is Jackie. She is also in the pic with Martha.
Jackie is modeling for us a Japanese styled jacket made by Peggy. It is handstitched in shasiko style using #5 perle cotton and is beautiful.
Jackie was a good sport letting me take these pictures to share. Isn't this a lovely piece from Peggy.

Renee is choosing a variety of blocks that appeal to her in this year's Thimbleberries colours for her QAYG project. Renee and I were part of the Intermediate Serger class this week with Cathy Constantine. It too was a great class

Donna is working on a Nancy Halverson pattern from the Art To Heart book. There is a ton of applique to complete. She has lots of patience.

Bonnie is already at the quilting stage for the tablerunner she is making. Like many of us, Bonnie is new to the QAYG technique, but she is rolling along The colours Bonnie has chosen are warm neutrals.It is amazing how showy neutrals can be.

This is Peggy. she has completed not only the jacket Jackie modelled, but also a top suitable as a table cover. she has already started another project.
This is a Lynette Jensen pattern from Block Party I believe.I find it has a crisp spring feel.

Joan is making a bed runner using this years Thimbleberries pallette. Before we left for the day, Joan had centred her first row on the batting backing combo, and was ready to begin the quilting.Joan does beautiful work.

We are missing Micheline and Nolita today, but hopefully next month everyone will be there for the day.
 This is the group. I'm so happy to be a part of it.Have I done too much sharing? I don't think so. Have a great day.
Ps. In answer to the question of what I bought at Keepsake quilting. I bought a piece of Amish black. That was it. I'm hoping to work with a good friend of mine using that piece with some Asian prints on a small piece of work.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Home again Another adventure

Well we are back from our week away, and spring has not arrived. I'm not really surprised. The area of New Hampshire we visited, Ashland, was a beautiful rural area, but the snowfall that week was more than I wanted for sure. It prevented my husband from enjoying the various hills in the area.
We did however visit Keepsake Quilting. I have a few pictures to post. It is a garden of colour, with all makes of fabric available for the sewing enthusiast. I also visited a yarn shop, Patternworks, and drooled my way around the rooms.

Inside these doors you will find....
in addition to

Well now that was a partial snapshot of the shop. I know they have something for everybody. I was attracted to the Amish black fabric they use with their Asian prints. It was a brilliant flat black if that makes any sense.
While away, I finished a tote bag but have not photographed it yet. It has taken me three days just to get over the fatigue I felt arriving home. Lots of naps and a quiet schedule was the answer for me.
It would seem that there will be some sunshine in the nexr few days. My bounce will perhaps return with the sun.
Other news on the local front is the opening of a local quilt shop in Amherst. Beth Munro will start her venture in the "old clock building" I wish the best of all luck to Beth with this venture. while the shop s not open yet, keep it in your plan when you go near Amherst N.S. for the future.
Have a great evening