Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Merry Christmas from me

Christmas day is here. We had the pleasure of hitting the road early so we could be at the gift opening of our local grandkids. It was cold and car locks were frozen. The snow was falling in large fluffy flakes. Everything for a perfect winter day.
This is the view from the end of driveway. The snow had just stopped, as the sky had a bit of blue peeking through.
Tomorrow our family will have our traditional turkey dinner. It's a cooperative affair. Omer and I will cook the turkey, make the coleslaw and stuffing as well as the cranberry sauce. We live in an area where cranberry bogs are in abundance,so cranberries are part of normal fare  for us.
Our younger grandkids live in Victoria, so we are very thankful for technology that allows video conferencing , such as SKYPE . That's what we did today with these little ones. It was fun  to share in some way with families.
I did a bit of sewing today. I'm slowly working on the clues for Bonnie Hunter's mystery at she has a number of free patterns as well as much valuable info. Bonnie is a generous quilter, sharing with us  on a regular basis.
I've been working away at Clue#1 the bits which look like star points. Once you get the hang of sewing the pieces correctly, it is a breeze. Accuracy is super important.
The four patches are from clue #4. I haven't started #2 or #3 yet. I'll get there eventually.
Another project I'm working on is a baby quilt for a soon to be born . This little one will be here mid February so a warm quilt would work well. I'm making a chenille quilt. With a bit of steady attention on my part, I could have the line sewing done by Sunday. We'll see. This is a pic of the present status
I must also show one of the little Christmas tags I was making before the big day.
With to and From on the inside, these are very attractive on a special gift.
Just before I call it a day, have a peek at Sadie as she greeted us at the door this morning.
These daschies, Sadie, and Henry, love to greet you, sit with you , and wait ever so patiently for something to fall from a plate just for them. They are sweet

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Winter solstice. and new beginnings

Today was that special day where we in our hemisphere have the least amount of daylight in the year. For me, it is the day that announces the beginning of a new year with spring coming, just inching along for now, but still, coming. It is also a period of many birthdays in our family. Now why do you think this happens? Little clumps of celebratory days leading up to Christmas and the new year. Birthdays are such special days. In fact we celebrate Christmas to celebrate the birthday of a man born long ago in Bethlehem. What change he brought to this world.
We are having weird weather this week and weekend. tonight it has started to rain, and there was some freezing rain last night. Over the next couple of days there is rain, fog, freezing rain. snow, and ice pellets all in the forecast. It will sort itself out eventually, but my hope this will happen before all the holiday travelers start on the roads.
I have my start made for Bonnie Hunters mystery. In addition to completing the cutting for Clue number one, I have 15 units made for that clue, and I've downloaded all to the fur clues released to this point. This morning I did a mini cleanup of the sewing area. What a pain. It did allow me to start a small baby quilt for a little one who is scheduled to arrive in Feb. Since my plans include being at a quilt show in Phoenix then, I'd like to get this project done in advance. I'm making a chenille quilt using printed flannel. It sure is tedious sewing all of those 5/8" rows, but the result is so cozy and easy care that I persist. It is so exciting for young families expecting that first baby. I remember from my own experience.
Perhaps I'll get to the point that a pic is possible tomorrow. We'll wait and see

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

December daze

Tonight we are sitting here preparing for the approaching snowfall and wind. Today the sunshine made diamond glitters over the snows surface. Even a -17C can be beautiful. There are only a few more days until Christmas, and if you brave the cold in the evening, you can  enjoy the Christmas lights that neighbours have strung to celebrate this season of joy and love.
Our family will be celebrating Christmas minus our mum. she went to join our dad in Heaven a week ago. Mums are such important people in our lives. If you are a daughter, you may have shared a very close relationship, or it may have been one with much love but also some conflict. Our mum left us with a wonderful legacy. She had a great capacity for loving others. there was always room at the inn(her heart).  We can all open our hearts to others without losing a thing. We will gain a new friend. My mum also demonstrated respect for herself and others. Her example to us ingrained a certain way of being that has become automatic. Probably the greatest gift we received was her gift of being quick to forgive. It wasn't always easy for her, but she was always able to forgive and provide second chances to all who injured her or hers in some way. what gifts she had to give
Last week our monthly sewing group met at the Covered Bridge Quiltery to work on our selvedge totes, and to order out for our Christmas lunch. It was grea fun. I love this group of quilters. Next month I hope to post some pics of the finished projects.
I've finished the mailing of Christmas cards. It is one of my favourite Cristmas activities. There was no Christmas letter this year though with mum in the hospital. I think I may just be up for  a bit of decorating this weekend. We already have the Christmas turkey in the freezer. He was acquired early one morning on our way to Riverview for our quilting party. Lets face it, who can resist a 98cents/lb  Christmas dinner.
I want to make a few more cards and tags just because I love to cut, paste, colour, and glue. I love the freedom of play.
There have been some pretty interesting Christmas movies on tv this year as well. I have started the Bonnie Hunter quilt mystery . is where you can find the clues. she is up to Part 3, while I am just beginning to sew together the pieces for Part 1. There is no race, thank goodness. I have all year to make this quilt.
Have a great day toorrow

Monday, 2 December 2013

How many days until Christmas?

Winter i most definitely here. my toes will not be warm again until spring or until I visit Janet in Arizona. We had some white on the ground yesterday. today the temp is just above zero. Today Omer and I are minding the SA kettle for a couple of hours. coming home from the hospital last night we enjoyed the early display of Christmas lights along the route. Tonight perhaps I will see more. There is something about those lights that is heartwarming. This morning early we had a surprise visitor.
Do you recognize him? I was working on my Christmas applique blocks when he arrived. I know my photo is not great, but he moves fast

Here is my old world Santa in cloth
This snow guy doesn't show up too well.

This is the Christmas lineup up to today.
Santa has a wonderful twinkle in his eye. He did not confirm whether I made it to the good list or not, but I am hoping

Friday, 29 November 2013

After the Hiatus an update

After a month long hiatus, I am itching to write in my blog. It is not that I have so much to offer, but recording life events seems to satisfy part of me. I have a son who needs to write as well. He, however creates wonderful stories for his children. I met Bob the Dog from Michael's hand. 
I have been wondering if the advent of winter time change and the decrease in hours of light available encourage me to fall asleep whenever I sit down to watch a tv program, or read a book. Perhaps I am like the bears in our area who hibernate for the darker winter months.About ten days ago, I looked out my sewing room window into the eyes of a white tail deer. He was just looking in through the window, and was in no hurry to depart. Yesterday the partridge who haunts our front yard apple tree was sitting there in the denuded branches picking away at the bits found on the branches. The bluejays and squirrels chatter and call daily in the back yard.This is rural Nova Scotia, or at least our bit of it.We are blessed, and grateful for all that we enjoy.
My new hooking project is underway. I am searching for the colours to produce the picture I want to convey of the primitive leaves on the burlap. This backing is one that I received as a door prize during the hook in at Northport late in the summer. I did not let myself start it as a project until I completed the small platter rest I was making with my leftover wool strips. some hookers came these bits "worms". I thought this was interesting. In October I was in Riverview N.B. with the Moncton hooking group, enjoying another day of fellowship and working with my hook. While I was there I heard from other hookers of the North America Rug Hooking Museum in Queensland N.S. Some of the New Brunswick hookers were reaching back in time to record the covered bridges of New Brunswick in wool mats. This past week, I went to Sussex N.B. where 102 rug hookers gathered to hook and share the day. The Sussex group provided us with a warm friendly environment, and a lunchtime feast. At their yard sale I found two skeins of roving for future projects as well a a swatch of dyed wool pieces from the mason jar dye lady. She does fantastic dyeing . My colour range was reds to pink. Maybe I'll be able to incorporate some of this in my new mat.
The Springhill Santa Claus parade was last week. My husband and I bought suckers, five hundred of them to distribute during the parade. It was so much fun even though we ran out before we finished the route. Next year, if we are still able, we'll get 1000. Plus there were so many cute pooches along the route that I want to carry a treat for each of them as well. There is so much joy in sharing.
The LA animal shelter is having an open house on Dec 7th to open the new walking trail built along the river at the shelter site. Omer is a volunteer there, and we will want to celebrate this step forward.
I am still doing some sewing and quilting. The first quilt is loaded on the new long arm, and as soon as I develop a bit more confidence, I'll take off with these projects solo.

This is the project I did as a job for someone else. He is so cute


Our guild made Chatelaines as  a project for one of out Sunday work days. I still have quite a bitto finish. embroidery floss and some additional embellishment before the finished porject

Last night the final stitches on this selvage tote were completed. This is from one of Karen Neary's patterns It is substantial and beautiful together.
I have done a very small amount of needle felting the past couple of weeks, but no pictures yet. also another two pair of hot dog mittens sit in my little knitting bag,  guess all of this is for anoher day. Cheesecake has arrived on a plate.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Morning after

Last night it was stimulating to be in attendance at the opening of the FAF in Amherst. There were lots of familiar faces, as well as many new friends to be met. After the opening i went over to the Four Fathers library for a book return. while there, I enjoyed the display of fibre art displayed around the main room. There was scrumptious knitted pieces ,some crossstitch, embroidery, and even some wearable art.
Today our community garden group will meet to plan for the next year of planting. Today it may seem like so far away, but the soil will be ready to work before we know . Time is one of those things we cannot slow, nor rush. "Seize the day" That is so wise.
For the first time, I made sweet red pepper jelly this year. Using two different but similar recipes, two batches are ready for winter treats. My sister has already tested the first batch at a dinner party with great success. I'm encouraged. This is what it looks like.

I believe the flash has deadened the brilliance of the jellies colour. Well this is mt record of the first.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Fibre Arts Festival

Well tonight is the opening f the 2013 FAF. There is so much for anyone and everyone to see and experience this week. Quilt shows, free demonstrations of various fibre crafts, the walking tour, and a number of classes to learn a new skill. I'll leave the house in about ten minutes, and go to the Amherst Dominion building to share with others the opening of this event.
whee, there is so much fun to be had this week

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The days of gratefulness

Well the feast is over, the company was awesome, and today the rack is in the pot. soup will e in this household tomorrow. We were only 10 this Thanksgiving dinner, but it was rich in good food, great conversation, and love. The evening was capped for me when the phone rang just before bed, and it was my Uncle Jack in Penetang calling with their Thanksgiving wishes. My cousin Karole and her husband Lorne, had invited our grandson Seamus for the weekend. Now this may seem like small potatoes to some, but Seamus is in toronto in his first year at UofT in an engineering program. This very special young man, has grown up in a town of fewer than four thousand, and this is really his first venture from home. Subways, the Go train. and meeting family members he has never met, seem quite challenging to me. He went for it, and of course, Karole and Lorne being who they are, generous and loving, made him feel at home quickly. During the short call, I got to speak with my precious uncle, my sweet cousin, and our dear Seamus. My table is complete.
This morning in addition to getting the soup started, I sorted through yarns and patterns left with e for distribution following the passing of an avid crafter. This week I hope to offer these things during the Fibre Arts Festival. There will be so many interesting programs available throughout the week.
Our ladybug infestation seems to have ended. If these little flying creatures bring luck, I should be the next lottery winner.
I am very happy that the two granddaughters who are in nursing programs are satisfied with their choices, and are doing well. They are both home for the weekend, and it is a treat to see how they are maturing. Emily has taken up some knitting. She is working on a Christmas gift for her mum. The yarn she is using is roving spun ot be yarn, but there is not twist in it as you would have in worsted. It is very soft. Any other of its properties are unknown to me. I think I might be able to use it in Thrummed mittens.

This pair I made recently for practice. As a novice and mostly self taught knitter, there are many bumps in my road as I learn to make these. I do like the picot edge on the wrists. I guess I should call them cuffs.
This summer my neighbour Judy, gave me a pattern for another mitten, hotdog mitts. I have completed the bodies of the pair, but will need more guidance for the thumbs. I liked knitting these so far

See how they look like long tubes before they are on a hand. They fit close to the hand, and the cuff is longer than some. In the hands of a real knitter, these could be beautiful. Mine will be functional for now.
I guess that is my today note.  Keep sunshine in your heart

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Thanksgiving at my N.S. home

Well it is Thanksgiving in my little part of the world. The turkey, a twenty some pounder with summer savory potato stuffing, is in the oven, breast side down, and covered with muslin soaked in unsalted butter. Mmmmmm but it will be so good. The coleslaw with a family held recipe and cranberry sauce is in the fridge,turnip is cooked, and the buttercup and butternut squashes have been roasted. Another family has a variety of pies baking today, and the third family member will bring us potatoes, whipped, carrots, and peas. The wine I co-made with my granddaughter is chilling for tonight. I am truly blessed.The remainder of my family are in distant places. I trusr they will enjoy the blessings we have received. My dear sister is visiting with one of her sons and his delightful family in Australia for a month, and I think their Thanksgiving will be at another time.
Big news in the household is the arrival of my longarm quilter. It is not one of the really big guys, but it does manage to occupy half of our living room.
Don't you just love it!
I am working on a wall hanging that is a paid work for a lady who will have him (the snowman), celebrate the approaching season. I hope to get all of the details done in the upcoming week. This guy is distinctly Canadian. His scarf says it all.

He is the bottom one, not quite finished yet.He is awfully cute though.
Yesterday was the quilting day for those wonderful women who should perhaps be called Martha's Marvels. They are all so kind and full of fun.
While I didn't have a big project to work on there. I did some strip sewing, and made a couple of blocks from the upcoming retreat quilt. I love scrappy.
This split nine patch can really eat into that pile of scraps we all seem to have. Thinking of scraps, I noticed on Bonnie Hunter's  blog, Quips and Snips, she will be releasing the fabric requirements for her upcoming mystery on or about Oct 23rd. Last years mystery, Easy Street, was fun and a great finished top as well. I'll be waiting

I wonder if there are others who enjoy these magazines as much as I do. They are great inspiration, as well as entertainment. Thanks to the publishers and the talented designers who make the projects.
My issues are mainly older ones, but I treasure them.
I think I'm finished writing for now, but I may go check out Leah Day's machine quilting site. Take a peek if you happen to be visiting me. Have a great weekend

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Shades of Grey

The rain is falling here at Sandy Cove, and as I look out my windows, I see many shades of grey. Today with the cloud cover, the strait water is a steel grey, while the horizon is close to a pearl grey. The water appears mottled, a tone on tone fabric, with the only wave action the raindrops creating ripples as far as my eyes can see.The wooden deck boards are a brown grey, and my old steel deck chairs,(always grey), provide another value for the palette. In the distance, looking toward New Brunswick, the raindrops form a wall of grey colour, a very pale grey deepening as it clouds the land masses in the distance. Grey is definitely not boring here today..

I am working away on the binding of my cottage quilt, interspersing sew times with short bursts of cleaning floors. This gets two jobs done without  boredom, and with less muscle fatigue. This is my quilt today, front and back
I really like this binding. suits the quilt for my eyes..
 The back is bright and bold. The quilt calls out "Happy!" when you see it.
It is a good day for me and the ducks.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Machine quilting- my learning experience

My first lesson is done. Martha, with the patience of the saints, supported me at her shop with her shop machine through the completion of a lap sized quilt. Ta Da! This smaller quilt is destined to be a cottage throw. If anyone is thinking of getting a quilter, my most encouraging advice is to purchase from a dealer where ongoing support is readily available. I know that Martha and the Covered Bridge Quiltery staff want me to succeed, and their actions lead in that direction. There is a lot to learn, and it won't happen in one session, if you are at all like me. There is so much information as you begin the journey. Yesterdays lesson looks like this today.

The pattern is a simple meander, but effective with this block arrangement. The binding is a burgundy colour found in the quilt body. This is exciting and there is so much to look forward to in the future.

There is some sadness this morning. A good friend of mine, Karen, has lost her mother . Her mum was the great age of 90yrs. Isn't it wonderful that she was with the family this length of time, but the heartache is so very acute when our parents leave us. My thoughts and prayers are with her children and grandchildren. Be sure to include these friends in your thoughts as well.

This is my offering today. I'm off to the cottage and the Pugwash library to pick up a book for my mum today. A clear road for each of you

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Good bye long lazy summer days

Why is it that I seem to be so busy at the cottage when my major appointment is with the tide? The days arrive early and end when a later darkness takes us inside for a sleep accompanied by the soft sounds of the ocean conducting her summer symphony. The changes have started. For two days and nights, the winds from the southeast, then the northeast, and finally the northwest, heralded the message of fall's approach. I slept to the pounding of the surf, and woke to the tantalising smell of the ocean's garden varieties. Seaweed galore eight inches deep, welcomed me at waters edge for my first swim of the day. The sandpipers are so busy feeding as the waves wash over the sands at waters edge, and the great heron cranes majestically rule the rocky outcroppings just up the beach from out sandy cove. these friends arrive in mid August, and will leave us late in Sept. or earlier.

I am attempting to finish a small hooking project before my season is over, and there is still some quilting to finish in the sashings of my hand pieced, long in the making, sampler quilt. On the home front there is a change coming. My Pfaff long arm is now set up in the living room, and tomorrow I will travel up to Riverview to embark on a new adventure in quilting. I can no longer get on the floor to pin a quilt sandwich, and these very arthritic shoulders,and hands are limited in what they can manage. I hope I will have this machine buddy to make my journey easier and more productive. Oh I am so blessed. My dear husband had no qualms about dissembling our living room to accommodate this large and lovely machine. Now it is up to me to learn how to make it sing sweet songs.
Wish me good luck and smooth sailings in this venture.
I am home for just a couple of days, then back to the shore. There is yet much beautiful music to hear before the colder winds of late October force me out of the water, and back to being a creature of the land.
Oh yes, and I am assembling a small Christmas top so I can maybe be ready to quilt one for that season as well Good night from Sadie the daschund and me


Sunday, 21 July 2013

Christmas in July

The day was warm and sunny. The surf was relatively quiet, and the kids played on the sandbars. Inside our little cottage though, a creative group of five women. gathered to share their ideas for Christmas greeting cards. First though, lunch . We borrowed the idea from our Thimbleberries group, and shared a cooperative lunch. It was a feast. This is the first time I've ever had tuna/salmon sandwiches. MMMmmm delicious!
If you are not a fish lover, there was egg, cheese and cherry, ham and lettuce, and fresh tea biscuits with hard boiled eggs. We had a blueberry cheesecake, but also Sharon brought a weight watcher diabetic summer dessert. It gets an A in my book for tasty light confection.I want to post a couple of pics I took during the afternoon.
 Cathy and Brenda drove up from Truro and Debert, while Sharon and Peggy came from Millvale and Roslin respectively. It was exciting for me to see what the different creative minds designed.

I really enjoy the company of these women.
Hurrah, I finally discovered how to copy files from my download folder. these are the cards we each made on wed.
Cathy's card is so elegant.

 This is mine. It needs some refinement, but I like it.

Peggy had this fellow in her yard. Brian took the picture and shared.

Brenda brought us a card to be used in many seasone, and for numerous occasions. 

It was a good day.

July 21st
Yesterday I celebrated my 67th birthday with my extended family. It was a scorching day, but in the shade of Bonnie and Allan's trees, there was food and good cheer, as well as a cooling breeze. I had requested a yellow cake with chocolate fudge icing and was not disappointed. What do you give someone of my age for a gift? In my case, I asked that if those in attendance wanted to give a gift, I would greatly appreciate a toonie that we could add together and buy books for the elementary school in Springhill. We shall be able to buy several. Thanks to everyone for making this possible

 Andrew and Bonnie getting a snack

Mum and Omer

Waiting for the grilled stuff
.My sister organizing the kids to blow out the candles. This turned out to be impossible, not because of the number of burning wicks, but because the breeze finished the job before we got  them lit
It was another great day. I am blessed

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Beat the Heat at Sandy cove

Wow but this past weekend was a scorcher. We have the answer to this event on our beach. The water is warm and inviting, the sand a perfect playground for all ages. I won't talk about it, but let you see for yourself what pleasures are on tap here.

Two mums out on their paddleboards. They are good1

Man without a paddleboard is the title of this photo. this guy is great on the water.

It was a superb weekend for all water sports. Ours are all the person powered

There are sailors in our little cove as well. This day sailor is captained by a boy of about 10 yrs.

Swimming is my favourite heat beater. Even floating along or diving under the surface cools the body temp.

This young woman is one of our happiest water babies.

This is how we beat the heat at Sandy Cove
Have a great day

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Beach time at Sandy Cove

It's hard to believe that it is almost one month since I've published anything new on my blog. That is not because nothing has happened. In fact, it is just the opposite. Like many folks, we have spent some time getting into summer mode. For me, that means hours spent attending closing get togethers for the various groups we attend from Sept to June. It is also the time of graduations, proms, and preparations for getting to the cottage. Man, but that is a big move. How is it that one must make several trips o get all of the necessities for cottage life ? Our Thimbleberries closing is worthy of a few words. This group of women are sharers. It is never stressful to be with them. This time we decided to try a different approach to lunch. Of course here in the Maritimes, no gathering seems complete without food. This time we each made a sandwich for ourselves, and a second sandwich to share. In addition, each brought one item to put on the table.nothing to complicated. The result was a feast. We had tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, cookies, mixed nuts,lemonade, which was delicious,and other treats as well. Blueberry cheesecake was our dessert.
My move to the cottage is now complete, and I am loving it. The tide marks my days, and the nights are accompanied by the sound of the waves as they either sigh or roll, or crash on the sand and rocks. Today the ocean is calm and oh so warm .It feels like silk on my skin. It is like being wrapped in a silk blanket.

Sandy Cove beach

Kids in the water with a new paddleboard. Looks like fun

Sunset at Sandy cove
This is my favourite place. This weekend is forecast to be WARM  I hope everyone enjoys the summer weather

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Sunshine again

The sun is finally making an extended appearance and we are very happy to welcome it to our lane. As I  checked the Environment Canada site today , a row of suns greeted me. Summer is officially here in a couple of days, and also the longest day of the year. It is hard to imagine that following that day, our daylight hours start to shorten, a bit at a time. Oh dear!
At the cottage today, there was a cool breeze from the north, but with the sunshine, the day was very pleasant. Little by little, the construction work is reaching completion. Andrew is amazing. He has worked so hard to make this summer home comfortable for me. Thank you Andrew. Today he was installing the shower enclosure I purchased. I took the new vanity down today as well. I've not had a eal bathroom before. This, although small and plain, is wonderful to me. Unfortunately I left my camera there, so no pictures today. I did ant to share the new pics today, but they will wait.
On Monday, I drove to the Covered Bridge Quiltery in Riverview, and enjoyed a morning as a guest in the Pfaff Club. The members were working with a new tool available for the Pfaff machines. It is a circle maker, and it is so much fun to play with it. I made sixteen drunkard's path blocks between 10am and noon. It makes perfect circles every time, and so easily. That was definitely a fun morning.
Tonight we will celebrate our daughter's birthday. It was Sunday, but due to a death in the family, today is possible for celebrating. As she doesn't eat cakes, I made a light blueberry cheesecake for the candles, and will bring a fruit tray for snacks.
Tomorrow my nursing class of 66 is meeting for lunch in Truro. It will be great to see whoever is able to attend. Then I think my move to the cottage is imminent.
That is my short note for today

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Analgous, complementary, triadic too, which colour grouping appeals most to you?

Well my bread is baked,the muffins too,
now I have some time to spend with you
I was reading a book that suggested we might search out a poem that we could associate with ourselves. Now I haven't done anything about this yet, but it has promise. At the very least I would make an opportunity to explore a little poetry.
I read a cute item on Facebook tonight. There were two little cats sitting under an umbrella with the rain pelting down around them. One of the cats says. Well, Noah called us. He'll be by to pick us up in 10 minutes.  It is something like that in this area. We've had our share of rain but there is no flooding locally as far as I know. When you drive along the country roads, the lush greenery is very beautiful. One of the benefits of this much rain is growth of the green.
By Monday the17th, my summer move should be complete. There hasn't been the same rush to get to the cottage since the temperature and weather are not too summer like.
The floor is finished in my new room, and the doors are on the new bathroom and my bedroom.

 This was the day my husband and son in law and I put up the ceiling gyp rock
We painted and painted and painted. Andrew still did the lion's share
 Clean up after the ceiling
Here is the new floor in the new room.    The bathroom is the next area to get attention. I am so happy to see these changes. This place is dear to me.       

Last week the Springhill High school prom gave occasion for the kids t dress up and wow, but" they looked good"
Here is Seamus and his prom date Faith. They enjoyed the dance and the grand march following. It is amazing to me that these young people have grown so quickly, I remember them in pre school. They will be off to other locations in September to pursue the next phase of their lives. we wish each of them a wonderful adventure.

Later I will post a photo of the younger kids who attend the prom but who have a  couple of years before they will move on to other studies.

There was great excitement a week ago when the post delivered an envelope from down under,. I was waiting to receive a post from Bronwyn Hayes  I  was thrilled to be one of the winners of the Homespun magazine  Bronwyn was giving away. Of course the camera came out, and I enjoyed the opening.
This is it!

I'm sure my heart was beating like that of a sparrow,

Isn't this the prettiest polka dot paper.

I'm trying to show the sweet sticker attached to the wrapper. And what about the ribbon. I love it all. somehow those little touches make the gift that much more exciting. I must remember that.

 These final two pics show the magazine, and one of the patterns included in this issue
This will be a keeper for my magazine collection. Thanks Bronwyn.

Last Saturday Peggy and I attended a quilt show and sale in Wallace. This event was sponsored by the Sunrise quilt guild. We enjoyed seeing what other quilters are working on, as well as the visiting time we had with some of the members. This is an enthusiastic group, who value bringing in resources to complement what they have within their membership.

Tomorrow is our Thimbleberries meeting, the last one before summer break. We each bring a couple of sandwiches so one can be shared, and then a small offering of something else to share.I must bring my camera.Don't want to miss anything. I made a blueberry dessert to share with the group.
It's a wrap for tonight. The NBA has a game tonight, and no doubt one can find hockey on the tube somewhere.
My next move is to bed. Friday will be a big day for me. I mustn't forget to add that I made three backs, one binding, and finished my small clothespin bag for the cottage.
blessings everyone