Thursday, 31 July 2014

Home Again

Well I started this note earlier and forgot to hit "save" on the keyboard. I guess I thought it had an autosave function on. July is almost gone, and with it some of our warmest weather. It seems as if July is a month we like to travel and see other places . My friend Peggy and I attended the Maine Quilt Festival last week. We left home on Thursday morning, heading for Augusta. It is a fairly short trip to Maine, and the Mainers are so much like us it feels like home. We had a little experience at the border crossing that resulted in us learning something previously unknown. I knew that citrus fruit could not be taken into the USA, to prevent the entry of some pest that would injure their crops, but I hadn't realized that if you wanted to bring a banana into the country it must be declared, as must a small salad.There is a $300.00 fine if one carries these items in without declaring them.Fortunately we were not fined, but it is something learned.
The Pine Tree Quilters Guild were the hosts for this festival, and they did a great job. Thursday evening there was a Champagne Preview, a ticketed event that allowed us to view the quilts, and roam the Merchants Mall  before the show opened to the public.That was a real bonus for me as my days were full days of quilt classes. Oh yes. there was champagne or wine or soft drink available with the ticket given on admission, as well as snacks,fruit, crackers, and cheese. It was a fun evening that also allowed Peggy and I to map our way from our hotel in Waterville to the Civic Centre in Augusta.
Friday's workshop with Gail Garber was most definitely a challenge. I entered the classroom with trepidation on Friday morning. I'm not a math guru, and those strange looking tools required sounded intimidating. As we all know, if we don't put ourselves out there, we might miss some really fun adventures. That was true for me. I would not likely ever work with a flexible curve and a compass with extender arm without Gail's class.We were drafting and designing our own piece. I needed a significant amount of help, and it was provided. I don't think it was as difficult for others, but I have a learning disability.I don't perceive things in three dimension, and need help with these perceptual ideas, Before day's end I had one section sewn using Gail's freezer paper piecing method. It was fun.
Saturday Peggy and I were having a great day in Sue Nichol's Feathers and Fillers on domestic machines. Sue tells us that we need Patience, Perseverance, and Practice to develop the skills necessary to make the delightful FMQ designs on our home machines that she makes.This was  another good day and we were fatigued at day's end.
Sunday was our trip home. Again we took it in stages, and it worked well. Thanks to the teachers we met, the merchants who shared demos at their booths, and the Pine Tree Quilters for helping us have a great few days. Oh yeah, Peggy was a great traveling companion.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

It's Tuesday

It's Tuesday, and Arthur is now but a memory for most of us. The surprise for all of us on the shoreline was that the wind stayed out of the south,and southwest. That was a shocker, but it also probably limited the damage done to our beach front and to cottage fronts.Other than one panel in my screen room, and one compost bin moving somewhat, all was great.
At home an eighteen foot top of a Norway spruce broke off and fell along the side of our house denting the eaves trough, and scraping the cedar clapboards. Luckily the large window close by was missed. Our local golf course suffered a number of casualties with trees being uprooted, or broken off at mid trunk.
There are only two weeks left before Peggy and I depart for Augusta ME. and the Maine Quilt Festival. This will be an adventure for us.Days are flying by here, and the calendar says we are  well into July. Why are these summer months so brief?
Lucy is I believe making a little progress, with the anxiety reduction activities we are attempting. It will no doubt take a very long time to make significant changes.
It is such a sleepy day for me. I think I'll watch a little of The Hobbits We recorded this film for me to watch on just such a day.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Life at the cottage includes quilting

After a few days to settle into my beach routine, I think I've got it. This week has been warmer with a significant humidity. Arthur will no doubt change all of this. I've been checking out just what I need to secure. A north east blow will move many things, and this little cottage sits out on the point. The weather warnings suggest power outages and damage to trees might be possible tomorrow. There is something both chilling and exciting about weather events. Some of my family including me, have loved to play in the big surf, as long as rip tides are not too strong. As I get older, I'm not quite as steady on my pins as I once was, so I'm a bit more cautious these days. This morning the air is filled with bird song. so much music from these small creatures.
This is my view this morning
Lucy is with me . I'm attempting to help her be less anxious about all the small things that happen every day. She barks at too many things. Wish I had a magic touch, but nope I don't. She is such a sweet dog. I really would like to help with this issue.
She is in her quiet mode here.For a tiny dog weighing less than eight pounds, she has a big bark, very sharp.
I have a few little quilting items I've played with over the past bit of time.
I'm still working on Bonnie Hunter's last mystery Celtic Solstice . I have one clue plus this chevron unit, before I can start to put it together. As long as I'm done before the next one starts, I'll be content.These mysteries Bonnie so generously shares, always challenge me with colourways, as well as seeing just how small blocks can be combined.No fabric is too ugly to morph into that beautiful swan.
These little friendship stars are one of my ideas for using some of the little HST's I have in my posession. These are scrappy, but with some control. The backgrounds are definitely not controlled pattern, but I try to keep the value in each star similar. The coloured scraps may have a centre different from the points, or perhaps the points are different, but the same value.These made up to 6 1/2 " unfinished.

I have many HST's of different prints and sizes. While Trying different arrangements, this one suits my taste. There is a star, but itt is not always immediately obvious.I found that by pressing the seams open, I had a flatter block, more easily managed. When I get some time, I plan to see what else presents itself.
Well that is my entry for today. Lucy and I must go to town, complete some little chores, and return to prepare for Arthur's arrival tomorrow. I like to be ready early.