Monday, 31 December 2018

Trumpeting out the old, and welcoming 2019

It's New Years Eve, and in this house we are cosy and warm finishing our last day of 2018. Omer and I went out to the local restaurant for supper, and saw a few of the other early night folks there as well. I'm not one to go out too far when it is cold and dark. Funny how I love the dark in summer months when I can sit out on the deck at my little cottage and take pictures of the stars and moon, or just watch the jets pass in the night sky. When the moon is bright, I will sit and watch it shine over the ever changing tide. But tonight it not about my summer moons and tides, it is about the finish of one period, and the beginning of a brand new year, an opportunity to write our stories in a new 365 page book.  What will we write?
Will you set new goals for 2019? I don't set resolutions as it will almost certainly be doomed to fail. Instead, I choose a word to work on each year. This new year, the word in my house will be kindness. .each of us can choose to be kind in our everyday activities regardless of our situation. It will not always be easy. today as we were trying to set up our new smart tv, I was extremely frustrated, tired, and wanting to get on with something I wanted to do. I was snappy, and didn't really like the person I was being. I decided to choose to be kind to both myself and my husband, and the outcome is that we are both happier tonight. I apologized for my snippiness, and we got on with the chore. We don't have tv reception at our house, but my husband watches Netflix and you tube using the tv screen as a monitor for his laptop. For him, the hookup is important.
I don't know exactly what I hope to accomplish in 2019, but I want to continue to have fun, and share my quilting with others. There are a couple of New Years Day mysteries if you are interested. One is with Merry Mayhem. I can't remember the other. I'm working on a couple of pillow cases for two of my Aussie Great nieces who are here in Canada as their parents fulfill a job contract for a couple of years. Darlene D'eon from Nova Scotia Online Quilters plans to post the new 52 week challenge for us tomorrow, and Patterns by Jen will announce her new colour challenge tomorrow. There is always something fun to follow in the world of quilting. I'll still be following Dione Gardener-Stephens on her blog The Clever Chameleon.Her series of bear patterns finished up in December with a sweet panda. It is this little guy who will lead my parade as we enter the new year. Ta Da! Here he is

I hope this new year will find him joining his 11 bear buddies in a quilt at my house. Now from this fellow, Lucy, Omer and me, our biggest wishes for s 2019 filled with Peace, Joy, and Love.


Thursday, 13 December 2018

Wow, it's Friday again, and Christmas is just round the corner.I guess we all become a bit busier this time of year. I'm wanting to stay connected to our grand nieces and nephew as they continue to grow and develop lives of their own. I attended a musical performed by members of the Atlantic ballet and dance Company. Our great niece Elle performed an amazing job of acting and singing playing the part of The Ghost of Christmas Present as well as three other roles in the rendition of A Christmas Carol. Then a few days later Another 9 year old great niece performed in several dance demonstrations as part of the Christmas dance demo. It was sweet and Grace showed her athleticism, as well as her skill and grace in the dance.
On the 16th the youngest great nieces will perform with their company. I'm anxious to watch these girls too.
I have not forgotten Bonnie Hunter's Good Fortune Mystery. I haven't finished the required number for each of the three clues, but have completed some of each. The half chevrons from clue three created a small problem for me. When I started them, I didn't think of them being half chevrons, hence I would only be making them in one direction, so I made 15 or so going the wrong way. I've put those aside now and will deal with them when an opportunity presents. Tomorrow is another release day, so clue #4 will be ready to make. I'm a little bit nervous about colour as I don't have much orange in my stash, and have been toying with the idea of substituting golds for the orange. I'm trying to stick with my stash whenever possible.  Here is a picture of my clue bits and the candy box where I store them. I have been using the little Clover clips to keep them in groups of 10. When I get the totl number done, I'll remove the clips, and put them into a plastic bag. I'm enjoying the journey.

I noticed today that beginning in 2019, Canadian Quilters Association,(CQA), will be hosting a free project, 50 blocks in 50 weeks. It will be something to check out. As well, Lynne at Quilt Doodle. Doodle will host a 12 month BOM on her blog. There are so many opportunities to be at our machines, or sitting with our needle stitching,
Nova Scotia Online Quilters administrator, Darlene D'Eon, has announced that she will host another 52 week challenge in 2019. This year's challenge has only two more weeks before we finish. This is my week 50 block.

Friday, 7 December 2018

A few more HST's and 4 patches

Friday morning, and all is well with my world. It's still cold outside, but I don't plan to venture out until late afternoon when I will join family members attending a musical "A Christmas Carol" where my great niece will play the role of the Ghost of Christmas Present..I am so looking forward to this outing. The sun is shining this morning, and my husband is home to help with Lucy when she needs to go out  to P.  Yesterday I got so cold during one of her longer outings, that it took over two hours wrapped in a fleece blanket for my hands to move freely again. Brrr!
We made pancakes and sausage with Cumberland County maple syrup for breakfast. They were scrumptious. I prefer to make my batter from scratch. It's so easy, and definitely a great flavour. For two of us I mix together 1 cup all purpose flour, 1 tbsp sugar, 2 tsp. baking powder, and 1/4 tsp. salt. Next I whisk together 1 egg, 1 cup buttermilk(preferably at room temp), 1 tbsp melted butter (cooled a bit). Add the wet ingredients to the dry, and stir until mixed by leave a lumpy consistency. I let the batter rest for 10 to 15 minutes before using. 
Once water sprinkled on the pan I'm using starts to dance, we start the cooking. I know this is habit, but using a bit of shortening on the frying pan is part of our process too. I wonder what others do?
I'm still working away at the HST's and 4 patches from Bonnie Hunter's weeks 1 and 2 of her Good Fortune mystery. This morning is is the step of sewing strips together, and doing the sewing for the HST's I really like the red and blue scraps I've chosen from the scrap baskets.

 While I was cutting sewing and trimming, I watched a Hallmark Christmas movie on YouTube. We don't have regular television service here,(our choice), but depend on the internet for that type of media play.

Here is Lucy keeping me company each and every step of the way. She might be small,slightly less than 8 pounds, but she sees herself as a big dog and is plenty smart.

Early in the week I started making by December blocks for Darlene D'Eon's 52 week challenge. Since the colour being celebrated by Jen at Patterns by Jen is black for December, I decided to go it my own for the last month. With the season of sharing and giving with us, I opted to use scraps of fabric gifted to me by other quilting friends.  This is my first block for December
Well it's been great having this short blog time, but whenever I sit for too long, I fall asleep, so up I get again

Monday, 3 December 2018

December delights

It's December, and Christmas will soon be in full swing. The colour challenge from Patterns by Jen has black as the choice for December, and Dione at The Clever Chameleon has released her December bear. This Panda is a definite keeper. Marian Pena at Seams to Be Sew is celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas with a pattern gift each day for 12 days. Today's block is a  nine inch penguin on skates.
Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville Quips and Snips is running her yearly mystery. Clue two was released last Friday. I'll share what I have finished to this point.

This is the short link to Bonnie's post.

Or Short Link:
 I'm in awe of those quilters who complete each clue within a few days.My aim is to complete the top in time for next years mystery, and I know I'm not alone in this endeavour.
Bonnie's inclusion of the colour block tool was great for me, as I don't often get to places where the paint chips are available. There are oodles of possibilities on each of the cards identified. This makes shopping from my scrap baskets so much more fun. I felt a sense of joy when the first clue was released, and I could go to my red basket. There is a long road ahead, but it will be in the company of many other quilters who feel the thrill of sewing with scraps and finishing with a thing of beauty, something like Jacob's Coat of Many Colours.
Nova Scotia Online quilters group is finishing it's last 4 weeks of the 52 week challenge offered by Darlene D'Eon, and it has been a fun one.This group is very inspiring whit it's many talented members sharing their projects on line.
We have been dragged into winter early this year, with snowfall more reminiscent of February than November, but maybe that means spring will appear early as well. The day with the shortest amount of sunlight December 21st, will soon be here, and then we will start to see a few extra minutes of daylight each day as we make our way to spring once again
I'm hoping to grow some this year as a journal keeper with my blog. Wish me well.
Wishing everyone love and good health as we enter this season of Christmas.