Thursday, 13 December 2018

Wow, it's Friday again, and Christmas is just round the corner.I guess we all become a bit busier this time of year. I'm wanting to stay connected to our grand nieces and nephew as they continue to grow and develop lives of their own. I attended a musical performed by members of the Atlantic ballet and dance Company. Our great niece Elle performed an amazing job of acting and singing playing the part of The Ghost of Christmas Present as well as three other roles in the rendition of A Christmas Carol. Then a few days later Another 9 year old great niece performed in several dance demonstrations as part of the Christmas dance demo. It was sweet and Grace showed her athleticism, as well as her skill and grace in the dance.
On the 16th the youngest great nieces will perform with their company. I'm anxious to watch these girls too.
I have not forgotten Bonnie Hunter's Good Fortune Mystery. I haven't finished the required number for each of the three clues, but have completed some of each. The half chevrons from clue three created a small problem for me. When I started them, I didn't think of them being half chevrons, hence I would only be making them in one direction, so I made 15 or so going the wrong way. I've put those aside now and will deal with them when an opportunity presents. Tomorrow is another release day, so clue #4 will be ready to make. I'm a little bit nervous about colour as I don't have much orange in my stash, and have been toying with the idea of substituting golds for the orange. I'm trying to stick with my stash whenever possible.  Here is a picture of my clue bits and the candy box where I store them. I have been using the little Clover clips to keep them in groups of 10. When I get the totl number done, I'll remove the clips, and put them into a plastic bag. I'm enjoying the journey.

I noticed today that beginning in 2019, Canadian Quilters Association,(CQA), will be hosting a free project, 50 blocks in 50 weeks. It will be something to check out. As well, Lynne at Quilt Doodle. Doodle will host a 12 month BOM on her blog. There are so many opportunities to be at our machines, or sitting with our needle stitching,
Nova Scotia Online Quilters administrator, Darlene D'Eon, has announced that she will host another 52 week challenge in 2019. This year's challenge has only two more weeks before we finish. This is my week 50 block.

It's fairly cold today,-8 C at noon. The windchill last night was -25 C. That is COLD. Lucy made quick work during her trips outdoors today. I spent the morning baking, a cinnamon loaf, and a banana loaf with almonds, blueberries, and rasberries were made this morning. Cookies will be this afternoon's work, right after I have a short rest to let my back enjoy a heat pack.
Hopefully it won't be an entire week before I visit again

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