Monday, 3 December 2018

December delights

It's December, and Christmas will soon be in full swing. The colour challenge from Patterns by Jen has black as the choice for December, and Dione at The Clever Chameleon has released her December bear. This Panda is a definite keeper. Marian Pena at Seams to Be Sew is celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas with a pattern gift each day for 12 days. Today's block is a  nine inch penguin on skates.
Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville Quips and Snips is running her yearly mystery. Clue two was released last Friday. I'll share what I have finished to this point.

This is the short link to Bonnie's post.

Or Short Link:
 I'm in awe of those quilters who complete each clue within a few days.My aim is to complete the top in time for next years mystery, and I know I'm not alone in this endeavour.
Bonnie's inclusion of the colour block tool was great for me, as I don't often get to places where the paint chips are available. There are oodles of possibilities on each of the cards identified. This makes shopping from my scrap baskets so much more fun. I felt a sense of joy when the first clue was released, and I could go to my red basket. There is a long road ahead, but it will be in the company of many other quilters who feel the thrill of sewing with scraps and finishing with a thing of beauty, something like Jacob's Coat of Many Colours.
Nova Scotia Online quilters group is finishing it's last 4 weeks of the 52 week challenge offered by Darlene D'Eon, and it has been a fun one.This group is very inspiring whit it's many talented members sharing their projects on line.
We have been dragged into winter early this year, with snowfall more reminiscent of February than November, but maybe that means spring will appear early as well. The day with the shortest amount of sunlight December 21st, will soon be here, and then we will start to see a few extra minutes of daylight each day as we make our way to spring once again
I'm hoping to grow some this year as a journal keeper with my blog. Wish me well.
Wishing everyone love and good health as we enter this season of Christmas.

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