Monday, 1 January 2018

It's New Years Day 2018. I was reading this morning of the idea of using a word for the year. Deanne Fitzpatrick says she will use the word savour for 2018. Others have suggested a number of other words. I think I will choose a word also. My word for the year will be "joy". I will look for joy in all aspects of my life, and will try to share me joy with others.
I'm hoping this will be a sewing day for me. It is extremely cold outside this morning. Lucy and I were out at 6am, and we did not stay out there very long. As soon as Lucy finished her little P in we trooped. The full moon was beautiful, but it was admired from inside. I thought about Meaghan and Mike then, wondering if the baby was starting to make his move into this world yet?