Sunday, 28 September 2014

What a great weather day here on the Northumberland Strait. September28th, the temperature is 26.6 degrees C, and I just had a full tide swim.  I  am thankful for these golden opportunities.
Yesterday I was off to Riverview New Brunswick to participate in the PastTimers hook in. There were approximately 85 rug hookers there, coming from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. From ten a.m. until two p.m. the hall had the music of this many voices sharing a similar interest. There is much support and help in the company of hookers(mat makers). The host group provided a feast during the lunch hour, and many rug hookers brought some of their work for display during the day. On Monday, the 29th, the Truro Nova Scotia group will host a similar gathering. I learn more about the craft at these events, and I share the comraderie of other interested fibre craftspersons. Don't think this activity is  exclusive to women. There are men who bring their talent and skill to the mat.I am working on this mat presently. Unlike my quilting endeavors, where I have many UFO's, I work on one mat at a time. I have less time to devote to the mat, but it will be finished in time and find it's way to a floor in our house or perhaps in the home of a friend or family member.
I started this mat last winter,after  I finished my turkey platter mat. The pattern is an older one, a Lib Callaway pattern #189 Beatty Bird. The address printed on the burlap gives 109 Shady Knoll Lane, New Canaan, Ct. This mat pattern is 26" x 39". This pattern came to me by way of another rug hooker, a member of the Northport Loopers. I hope to finish it within another 12 months. Yesterday I saw such beautiful colours in the wool for sale from the vendor in attendance. Her name is Darlene, and she comes from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. She and her husband are very gracious, and it is a pleasure to purchase their goods.
While I was there, I was fortunate to win a door prize. This pair of felted wool mittens was made locally by another crafter. They are so warm and comfy
I will wear these with joy this Maritime winter.
This afternoon I will work a bit on the mystery instructions for our Sew and Sews. The baby quilt I've been sewing is about ready for a binding. hurrah!
Lucy went home yesterday, but she is back today visiting. She posed a couple of days ago for this picture. Gosh but she is cute.
Tonight I must cut some wool strips for hooking tomorrow; another day, another adventure


Friday, 26 September 2014

Fall Splendor

September is almost finished and all the fall activities are underway. Kids are back to school, even in B.C. so pleased for  those kids. I don't like to think of them missing out on school related activities. The sad part of fall is that I will soon need to close up my little cottage, and return to the real world.This was an awesome summer. Swimming was great, and if you are a watercraft person, or a sun seeker, there was no shortage of opportunity. Once I get back in the fall routine at home, I like it as well. I'm about to add two bits of excitement to my life. First our group of "Sew and Sews" is undertaking a mystery quilt this fall. I love a good mystery whether it is in cloth or the book type. In October we'll reveal our first finished clues. Also a friend and I have signed up to take a quilt class at the Covered Bridge Quiltery. It is the intermediate quilt class spanning eight week of class, 1/2 day per week. I'm betting I'll actually get this one done.
Currently I'm working on a chenille baby quilt for a new baby expected in our family. My niece Karen and her husband Paul, are expecting their first baby in December. A chenille quilt will be warm and cosy in Edmonton's cold winter. My scrappy friendship stars now number over one hundred, and more will be forthcoming.
I have a couple of pictures I want to post here this morning before the carpenter arrives to give me an estimate for the work he will do here at the cottage before winter comes. I need my front step repaired, and a new cover for my pump.
This was a beautiful rainbow we enjoyed for a brief time this summer. It was a gift.

I have 5 granddaughters. They are all so beautiful. Meaghan, our second oldest was snuggling under a quilt with the family daschies. Family is another beautiful part of summer and that easy routine.

My friend Peggy and I attended the Maine Quilt Festival. It was great fun, and this centre was the result of a one day class with Gail Garber teaching. It was Drafting and Designing. This technique uses freezer paper as a foundation. I learned enough to know I'd like to learn more.
We also participated in Sue Nichol's Feathers class. It was very well presented. I learned that if you persist and go carefully, you can do these. I don't have a sample yet to post.

When I got up this morning daylight was this close. It is a fabulous fall day. I've done some sewing, Lucy and I have been out at her request several times, and breakfast is finished.
The lawn needs to be clipped, and I may try that this morning.