Sunday, 21 July 2013

Christmas in July

The day was warm and sunny. The surf was relatively quiet, and the kids played on the sandbars. Inside our little cottage though, a creative group of five women. gathered to share their ideas for Christmas greeting cards. First though, lunch . We borrowed the idea from our Thimbleberries group, and shared a cooperative lunch. It was a feast. This is the first time I've ever had tuna/salmon sandwiches. MMMmmm delicious!
If you are not a fish lover, there was egg, cheese and cherry, ham and lettuce, and fresh tea biscuits with hard boiled eggs. We had a blueberry cheesecake, but also Sharon brought a weight watcher diabetic summer dessert. It gets an A in my book for tasty light confection.I want to post a couple of pics I took during the afternoon.
 Cathy and Brenda drove up from Truro and Debert, while Sharon and Peggy came from Millvale and Roslin respectively. It was exciting for me to see what the different creative minds designed.

I really enjoy the company of these women.
Hurrah, I finally discovered how to copy files from my download folder. these are the cards we each made on wed.
Cathy's card is so elegant.

 This is mine. It needs some refinement, but I like it.

Peggy had this fellow in her yard. Brian took the picture and shared.

Brenda brought us a card to be used in many seasone, and for numerous occasions. 

It was a good day.

July 21st
Yesterday I celebrated my 67th birthday with my extended family. It was a scorching day, but in the shade of Bonnie and Allan's trees, there was food and good cheer, as well as a cooling breeze. I had requested a yellow cake with chocolate fudge icing and was not disappointed. What do you give someone of my age for a gift? In my case, I asked that if those in attendance wanted to give a gift, I would greatly appreciate a toonie that we could add together and buy books for the elementary school in Springhill. We shall be able to buy several. Thanks to everyone for making this possible

 Andrew and Bonnie getting a snack

Mum and Omer

Waiting for the grilled stuff
.My sister organizing the kids to blow out the candles. This turned out to be impossible, not because of the number of burning wicks, but because the breeze finished the job before we got  them lit
It was another great day. I am blessed

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Beat the Heat at Sandy cove

Wow but this past weekend was a scorcher. We have the answer to this event on our beach. The water is warm and inviting, the sand a perfect playground for all ages. I won't talk about it, but let you see for yourself what pleasures are on tap here.

Two mums out on their paddleboards. They are good1

Man without a paddleboard is the title of this photo. this guy is great on the water.

It was a superb weekend for all water sports. Ours are all the person powered

There are sailors in our little cove as well. This day sailor is captained by a boy of about 10 yrs.

Swimming is my favourite heat beater. Even floating along or diving under the surface cools the body temp.

This young woman is one of our happiest water babies.

This is how we beat the heat at Sandy Cove
Have a great day

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Beach time at Sandy Cove

It's hard to believe that it is almost one month since I've published anything new on my blog. That is not because nothing has happened. In fact, it is just the opposite. Like many folks, we have spent some time getting into summer mode. For me, that means hours spent attending closing get togethers for the various groups we attend from Sept to June. It is also the time of graduations, proms, and preparations for getting to the cottage. Man, but that is a big move. How is it that one must make several trips o get all of the necessities for cottage life ? Our Thimbleberries closing is worthy of a few words. This group of women are sharers. It is never stressful to be with them. This time we decided to try a different approach to lunch. Of course here in the Maritimes, no gathering seems complete without food. This time we each made a sandwich for ourselves, and a second sandwich to share. In addition, each brought one item to put on the table.nothing to complicated. The result was a feast. We had tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, cookies, mixed nuts,lemonade, which was delicious,and other treats as well. Blueberry cheesecake was our dessert.
My move to the cottage is now complete, and I am loving it. The tide marks my days, and the nights are accompanied by the sound of the waves as they either sigh or roll, or crash on the sand and rocks. Today the ocean is calm and oh so warm .It feels like silk on my skin. It is like being wrapped in a silk blanket.

Sandy Cove beach

Kids in the water with a new paddleboard. Looks like fun

Sunset at Sandy cove
This is my favourite place. This weekend is forecast to be WARM  I hope everyone enjoys the summer weather