Sunday, 9 March 2014

March Break

Today is the  first day of some extended daylight with the time change. I always looke forward to this time  of year. soon the bare branches of the poplar trees will have a greenish cast visible, and in a couple of months there will be the delicate greens of spring exploding all round us. The banks of snow around the house are starting to recede a bit with the sunshine and the winds blowing yesterday. There is a weather statement visible  on the Environment Canada weather site, advising that Wednesday evening and into Thursday this week, ,we can expect periods of snow or rain. We will watch upcoming statements and prepare appropriately. Weather we cannot control, but how we react to it is all ours.
 There is still so much sorting to do at my parent's home before we sell the property. I have a new appreciation for what many of my friends and acquaintances have  done in similar situations. It is difficult to sort through the collection of things gathered over the 50+ years of living in the same house. These things are filled with memories, but it is impossible to keep this collection in homes of the remaining family members. It is an emotional journey.
I have been sewing a bit this week. I decided some time ago, that it is time to find a use for all the HST's in my stash. I know I have in excess of 1000 of these bits. On Bonnie Hunter's site Quiltville .com I found some ideas and in conversation with my friend Peggy, I have collected a few more ideas. Although I have a large number of other projects in process, I want to make some headway with this one.
I returned home on February 20th after my trip to Phoenix and on to Victoria B.C. This was a wonderful experience. My cousins Janet, and Karole are so much fun, and quilters as well. We stayed at Janet and Ross's Phoenix home, and Janet drove us to a number of interesting spots in the area. Then I was off to Victoria to visit with Mike, Kim, and the girls. Although I had a nasty virus while there, it was still an experience not to be missed.  After I got back to Nova Scotia, it took a bit to get my normal life back in place. I have a couple of pictures to post of the AQS quilt show in Phoenix. While I took many photos, I will post only a couple. If any quilter has the opportunity to attend an event like this, I hope they will avail themselves of that opportunity. I know I will.

I wish I could enlarge these again, but you will get the idea. It was a feast for my eyes. There were also a large number of vendors as well as classes for quilters.
That is it for tonight. goodnight