Color Me Red


Thursday, 14 May 2015

My hiatus is over.

So much has happened over these past months, but in some ways time has been standing still. It was a long winter with lots of snow, and a fairly significant cold period as well. I visited the sunny south(Florida). for three weeks, and then came home and settled in for a knee replacement, and recovery. The surgery itself was uneventful, but this recovery seems long. Fortunately some dear friends dropped in from time to time. It is good to experience someone from a different environment during recovery periods. Omer was my nurse at home. He made my life at home much more comfortable. One thing I have found difficult, and continue to do so to some extent, is sewing at the machine.Very few of my quilting dreams materialized this winter.
I continue to go to Physio, and today for the first time, I drove myself to town, and swam at the Y pool.Our Aussie family has relocated back to Canada. The time shift has resulted in a few wrinkles for them, but we are so glad to have them close  as long as this posting lasts.
The kids are all home from university, one graduating, and heading into the real work world of nursing. She will do well and her patients will be fortunate to be in her care. One will be here for the summer and back to Memorial in Sept. The youngest of these grands will go off to St FX in Sept.What a difference mum and dad will find in their lives.
This weeken d at some point I will drive to the cottage and start the process of moving back to the beach. It is another life there. I love the ocean with its many moods.his year its a bit late because of all the snow we've had/
Bedtime for me. I'm up at first light, and am so tired by nightfall, I can't do too much