Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Sunshine again

The sun is finally making an extended appearance and we are very happy to welcome it to our lane. As I  checked the Environment Canada site today , a row of suns greeted me. Summer is officially here in a couple of days, and also the longest day of the year. It is hard to imagine that following that day, our daylight hours start to shorten, a bit at a time. Oh dear!
At the cottage today, there was a cool breeze from the north, but with the sunshine, the day was very pleasant. Little by little, the construction work is reaching completion. Andrew is amazing. He has worked so hard to make this summer home comfortable for me. Thank you Andrew. Today he was installing the shower enclosure I purchased. I took the new vanity down today as well. I've not had a eal bathroom before. This, although small and plain, is wonderful to me. Unfortunately I left my camera there, so no pictures today. I did ant to share the new pics today, but they will wait.
On Monday, I drove to the Covered Bridge Quiltery in Riverview, and enjoyed a morning as a guest in the Pfaff Club. The members were working with a new tool available for the Pfaff machines. It is a circle maker, and it is so much fun to play with it. I made sixteen drunkard's path blocks between 10am and noon. It makes perfect circles every time, and so easily. That was definitely a fun morning.
Tonight we will celebrate our daughter's birthday. It was Sunday, but due to a death in the family, today is possible for celebrating. As she doesn't eat cakes, I made a light blueberry cheesecake for the candles, and will bring a fruit tray for snacks.
Tomorrow my nursing class of 66 is meeting for lunch in Truro. It will be great to see whoever is able to attend. Then I think my move to the cottage is imminent.
That is my short note for today

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Analgous, complementary, triadic too, which colour grouping appeals most to you?

Well my bread is baked,the muffins too,
now I have some time to spend with you
I was reading a book that suggested we might search out a poem that we could associate with ourselves. Now I haven't done anything about this yet, but it has promise. At the very least I would make an opportunity to explore a little poetry.
I read a cute item on Facebook tonight. There were two little cats sitting under an umbrella with the rain pelting down around them. One of the cats says. Well, Noah called us. He'll be by to pick us up in 10 minutes.  It is something like that in this area. We've had our share of rain but there is no flooding locally as far as I know. When you drive along the country roads, the lush greenery is very beautiful. One of the benefits of this much rain is growth of the green.
By Monday the17th, my summer move should be complete. There hasn't been the same rush to get to the cottage since the temperature and weather are not too summer like.
The floor is finished in my new room, and the doors are on the new bathroom and my bedroom.

 This was the day my husband and son in law and I put up the ceiling gyp rock
We painted and painted and painted. Andrew still did the lion's share
 Clean up after the ceiling
Here is the new floor in the new room.    The bathroom is the next area to get attention. I am so happy to see these changes. This place is dear to me.       

Last week the Springhill High school prom gave occasion for the kids t dress up and wow, but" they looked good"
Here is Seamus and his prom date Faith. They enjoyed the dance and the grand march following. It is amazing to me that these young people have grown so quickly, I remember them in pre school. They will be off to other locations in September to pursue the next phase of their lives. we wish each of them a wonderful adventure.

Later I will post a photo of the younger kids who attend the prom but who have a  couple of years before they will move on to other studies.

There was great excitement a week ago when the post delivered an envelope from down under,. I was waiting to receive a post from Bronwyn Hayes  I  was thrilled to be one of the winners of the Homespun magazine  Bronwyn was giving away. Of course the camera came out, and I enjoyed the opening.
This is it!

I'm sure my heart was beating like that of a sparrow,

Isn't this the prettiest polka dot paper.

I'm trying to show the sweet sticker attached to the wrapper. And what about the ribbon. I love it all. somehow those little touches make the gift that much more exciting. I must remember that.

 These final two pics show the magazine, and one of the patterns included in this issue
This will be a keeper for my magazine collection. Thanks Bronwyn.

Last Saturday Peggy and I attended a quilt show and sale in Wallace. This event was sponsored by the Sunrise quilt guild. We enjoyed seeing what other quilters are working on, as well as the visiting time we had with some of the members. This is an enthusiastic group, who value bringing in resources to complement what they have within their membership.

Tomorrow is our Thimbleberries meeting, the last one before summer break. We each bring a couple of sandwiches so one can be shared, and then a small offering of something else to share.I must bring my camera.Don't want to miss anything. I made a blueberry dessert to share with the group.
It's a wrap for tonight. The NBA has a game tonight, and no doubt one can find hockey on the tube somewhere.
My next move is to bed. Friday will be a big day for me. I mustn't forget to add that I made three backs, one binding, and finished my small clothespin bag for the cottage.
blessings everyone