Saturday, 3 May 2014

Update May2,2014

I do believe spring is here. Winter has been a long stretch, and somehow it saps my energy somewhat.  Some sewing is taking place here. I have finally gotten a start with my frame Pfaff quilter. It`s scary but exhilarating as I realize just what the potential of this machine is. Yesterday I loaded a small child`s quilt and today have been thinking about the quilt design I want to add. Thread has been another consideration for me today. As a start up machine quilter I do not have the large cotton thread cones in a large variety of colours. I guess I`ll go slowly, and just buy what I need for each quilt.
My friend Marilyn was in to Mrs Pugsleys Emporium this past week and she reports a great new shipment of Oriental fabrics have arrived. Beth has beautiful fabrics available from many fabric manufacturers. Whether it is a traditional Moda, or a wild Patrick Losier, you may find it there. She also has patterns by Karen Neary. Karen`s patterns are well written, and her instructions are clear and helpful. I have found that buying patterns is sometimes a `crap shoot`. There may be a great photo on the cover, but check the inside. Read the instructions to ensure they seem logical and understandable to you. If there are applique pieces, check to see if they have been reversed prior to printing. That either adds a step if not done, or can speed the process is all is ready to go. I have been struggling with a pattern which was part of a BOM I purchased. The instructions for one of the months blocks told me to sew the block carefully. That one line was the entire instruction given. Although I am not an expert, sewing has been part of my life for a long time, and I want to maximize my enjoyment. Using well written patterns is part of the enjoyment for me.
These bags were made from Karen`s Selvage bag pattern. Aren`t they great! We made these at the Sew and Sews monthly sew day. I love these quilters.


This little quilt is only 36`x 36`, but it is so sweet and cozy.  I think this is a perfect size for a newborn. sometimes I have made quilts that seem way too big for the little ones.The little pink mice in this print go well with the small pink check in the binding.
This is the small quilt currently loaded on the quilter. The cats surrounding the maze where the two mice are hiding, are for my granddaughter who loves cats. I hope she will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. The simple design is mine.

I finished this one last week. Flannel quilts with cotton battings are HEAVY. I must remember that. I used an open meander pattern which suited the nine patch on point pattern. The blocks for this quilt were part of an international block swap a few years ago on a quilting forum. 

Meet Lucy
I don`t think Ive posted a picture of the newest addition to our family. She is sweet in nature, and small enough for me an my arthritic body to manage easily. She came to us from the local shelter, and we are blessed to share our home with this small creature.