Friday, 7 February 2014

Hello from Phoenix

What a surprise!. Here I am in Phoenix, attending the AQS show. I have not been a faithful journal keeper through this past month. January was cold and stormy at times, while it seemed like spring on a few days. We have been sorting through the history of my parents life through the weeks. They were a couple in love through the seventy years of life together. Now they are together once again. Losing your parents is definitely a challenging situation, even if you are like me, over 65 yrs. Now I am sitting here in Phoenix with my two fun cousins, Janet and Karole. Last weekend we attended the Rusty Barnes vendors event. There were over two hundred booths offering fabric and furnishings. That was a bit overwhelming for me, but in a very nice way. Then this week, we attended the opening day of the AQS quilt show and vendors market as well as classes in a number of techniques useful in quilting. We are limiting ourselves to the show and vendors. My feet and legs are tired after two days at the Phoenix convention centre. I took oodles of pictures, but will need to wait until I get home to post them. This little netbook does not have a slot for an SD card.I will record fro my future memories though. It was great to sit in the anterooms and watch all of those quilters entering with anticipation, and leaving with  their parcels safely stored in a multitude of bags, different sizes, and style. There were a few dear husbands sitting there as well, some reading from their e-readers, or in some cases magazines probably purchased for just such a time. Four days of looking at all of the beautiful fibre works. Bed quilts, wall hangings, traditional and not are all displayed for our enjoyment
Add to this scenario the opening of the Sochi., and you get a glimpse of the blessings I have and am enjoying.
I received a note from Karen Neary today about the quilting retreat to be held at White Point Beach resort in April. That would be a fun time as well. good luck to all of those quilters who get the opportunity to attend. Karen has a sweet free Valentines project on her blog at present. Go have a peek.
Tonight for the first time in my life, I had Fajitas for supper. Life is full of firsts.
As the men's group from Russia entertains us at the opening of the games, I say goodnight to my journal. .My eyes are no longer focusing. love to all