Color Me Red


Sunday, 8 September 2013

Shades of Grey

The rain is falling here at Sandy Cove, and as I look out my windows, I see many shades of grey. Today with the cloud cover, the strait water is a steel grey, while the horizon is close to a pearl grey. The water appears mottled, a tone on tone fabric, with the only wave action the raindrops creating ripples as far as my eyes can see.The wooden deck boards are a brown grey, and my old steel deck chairs,(always grey), provide another value for the palette. In the distance, looking toward New Brunswick, the raindrops form a wall of grey colour, a very pale grey deepening as it clouds the land masses in the distance. Grey is definitely not boring here today..

I am working away on the binding of my cottage quilt, interspersing sew times with short bursts of cleaning floors. This gets two jobs done without  boredom, and with less muscle fatigue. This is my quilt today, front and back
I really like this binding. suits the quilt for my eyes..
 The back is bright and bold. The quilt calls out "Happy!" when you see it.
It is a good day for me and the ducks.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Machine quilting- my learning experience

My first lesson is done. Martha, with the patience of the saints, supported me at her shop with her shop machine through the completion of a lap sized quilt. Ta Da! This smaller quilt is destined to be a cottage throw. If anyone is thinking of getting a quilter, my most encouraging advice is to purchase from a dealer where ongoing support is readily available. I know that Martha and the Covered Bridge Quiltery staff want me to succeed, and their actions lead in that direction. There is a lot to learn, and it won't happen in one session, if you are at all like me. There is so much information as you begin the journey. Yesterdays lesson looks like this today.

The pattern is a simple meander, but effective with this block arrangement. The binding is a burgundy colour found in the quilt body. This is exciting and there is so much to look forward to in the future.

There is some sadness this morning. A good friend of mine, Karen, has lost her mother . Her mum was the great age of 90yrs. Isn't it wonderful that she was with the family this length of time, but the heartache is so very acute when our parents leave us. My thoughts and prayers are with her children and grandchildren. Be sure to include these friends in your thoughts as well.

This is my offering today. I'm off to the cottage and the Pugwash library to pick up a book for my mum today. A clear road for each of you

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Good bye long lazy summer days

Why is it that I seem to be so busy at the cottage when my major appointment is with the tide? The days arrive early and end when a later darkness takes us inside for a sleep accompanied by the soft sounds of the ocean conducting her summer symphony. The changes have started. For two days and nights, the winds from the southeast, then the northeast, and finally the northwest, heralded the message of fall's approach. I slept to the pounding of the surf, and woke to the tantalising smell of the ocean's garden varieties. Seaweed galore eight inches deep, welcomed me at waters edge for my first swim of the day. The sandpipers are so busy feeding as the waves wash over the sands at waters edge, and the great heron cranes majestically rule the rocky outcroppings just up the beach from out sandy cove. these friends arrive in mid August, and will leave us late in Sept. or earlier.

I am attempting to finish a small hooking project before my season is over, and there is still some quilting to finish in the sashings of my hand pieced, long in the making, sampler quilt. On the home front there is a change coming. My Pfaff long arm is now set up in the living room, and tomorrow I will travel up to Riverview to embark on a new adventure in quilting. I can no longer get on the floor to pin a quilt sandwich, and these very arthritic shoulders,and hands are limited in what they can manage. I hope I will have this machine buddy to make my journey easier and more productive. Oh I am so blessed. My dear husband had no qualms about dissembling our living room to accommodate this large and lovely machine. Now it is up to me to learn how to make it sing sweet songs.
Wish me good luck and smooth sailings in this venture.
I am home for just a couple of days, then back to the shore. There is yet much beautiful music to hear before the colder winds of late October force me out of the water, and back to being a creature of the land.
Oh yes, and I am assembling a small Christmas top so I can maybe be ready to quilt one for that season as well Good night from Sadie the daschund and me