Friday, 29 November 2013

After the Hiatus an update

After a month long hiatus, I am itching to write in my blog. It is not that I have so much to offer, but recording life events seems to satisfy part of me. I have a son who needs to write as well. He, however creates wonderful stories for his children. I met Bob the Dog from Michael's hand. 
I have been wondering if the advent of winter time change and the decrease in hours of light available encourage me to fall asleep whenever I sit down to watch a tv program, or read a book. Perhaps I am like the bears in our area who hibernate for the darker winter months.About ten days ago, I looked out my sewing room window into the eyes of a white tail deer. He was just looking in through the window, and was in no hurry to depart. Yesterday the partridge who haunts our front yard apple tree was sitting there in the denuded branches picking away at the bits found on the branches. The bluejays and squirrels chatter and call daily in the back yard.This is rural Nova Scotia, or at least our bit of it.We are blessed, and grateful for all that we enjoy.
My new hooking project is underway. I am searching for the colours to produce the picture I want to convey of the primitive leaves on the burlap. This backing is one that I received as a door prize during the hook in at Northport late in the summer. I did not let myself start it as a project until I completed the small platter rest I was making with my leftover wool strips. some hookers came these bits "worms". I thought this was interesting. In October I was in Riverview N.B. with the Moncton hooking group, enjoying another day of fellowship and working with my hook. While I was there I heard from other hookers of the North America Rug Hooking Museum in Queensland N.S. Some of the New Brunswick hookers were reaching back in time to record the covered bridges of New Brunswick in wool mats. This past week, I went to Sussex N.B. where 102 rug hookers gathered to hook and share the day. The Sussex group provided us with a warm friendly environment, and a lunchtime feast. At their yard sale I found two skeins of roving for future projects as well a a swatch of dyed wool pieces from the mason jar dye lady. She does fantastic dyeing . My colour range was reds to pink. Maybe I'll be able to incorporate some of this in my new mat.
The Springhill Santa Claus parade was last week. My husband and I bought suckers, five hundred of them to distribute during the parade. It was so much fun even though we ran out before we finished the route. Next year, if we are still able, we'll get 1000. Plus there were so many cute pooches along the route that I want to carry a treat for each of them as well. There is so much joy in sharing.
The LA animal shelter is having an open house on Dec 7th to open the new walking trail built along the river at the shelter site. Omer is a volunteer there, and we will want to celebrate this step forward.
I am still doing some sewing and quilting. The first quilt is loaded on the new long arm, and as soon as I develop a bit more confidence, I'll take off with these projects solo.

This is the project I did as a job for someone else. He is so cute


Our guild made Chatelaines as  a project for one of out Sunday work days. I still have quite a bitto finish. embroidery floss and some additional embellishment before the finished porject

Last night the final stitches on this selvage tote were completed. This is from one of Karen Neary's patterns It is substantial and beautiful together.
I have done a very small amount of needle felting the past couple of weeks, but no pictures yet. also another two pair of hot dog mittens sit in my little knitting bag,  guess all of this is for anoher day. Cheesecake has arrived on a plate.