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Saturday, 31 October 2020

Hallow's Eve and my reasons to cheer

 Since my move back to the forest from the oceanside, I have missed my beautiful sunrises and sunsets, but this morning I was able to capture on my little Coolpix, this moonset, the minutes before daybreak. I love the result

It's the day for ghosts and goblins to visit. In our isolated area, we don't get many visitors, but we will be ready. I know that this year Hallowe'en will be different for many. If I had little ones, I would not support wholesale trick or treating. Some communities are setting up specific spots for treats. It's a great idea. I certainly don't want to prevent the kids from their fun, but we need to do things safely.

At my house in the sewing room, I have managed to finish a Hallowe'en placemat. It is a paper pieced pattern, and it was lots of fun to make. Today I'll be working on a small Hallowe'en challenge piece from my local quilt guild, the Cumberland Quilt guild. It needs quilting and binding, so we'll see if I can get  that much done. Here is a picture of my placemat.

I decided to take pictures in the sewing room of things in progress. Not to say the progress is fast, but to remind myself to keep on working on them. Here they are.

This is the beginning of my Sgt Pepper quilt, a pattern from Abbey Lane. This is a modern pattern, and far from my typical quilt. I hope the finished project will meet my expectations.
This little number is an ongoing project using batik scraps and background scraps. I hope it will eventually be large enough for a baby quilt for some little one.

Some of my pincushions. These are either waiting to be filled, or for the final seam to be hand sewn. They make great little gifts.

This is the small piece waiting to be quilted and bound today. Happy Hallowe'en everyone.

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