Monday, 31 December 2018

Trumpeting out the old, and welcoming 2019

It's New Years Eve, and in this house we are cosy and warm finishing our last day of 2018. Omer and I went out to the local restaurant for supper, and saw a few of the other early night folks there as well. I'm not one to go out too far when it is cold and dark. Funny how I love the dark in summer months when I can sit out on the deck at my little cottage and take pictures of the stars and moon, or just watch the jets pass in the night sky. When the moon is bright, I will sit and watch it shine over the ever changing tide. But tonight it not about my summer moons and tides, it is about the finish of one period, and the beginning of a brand new year, an opportunity to write our stories in a new 365 page book.  What will we write?
Will you set new goals for 2019? I don't set resolutions as it will almost certainly be doomed to fail. Instead, I choose a word to work on each year. This new year, the word in my house will be kindness. .each of us can choose to be kind in our everyday activities regardless of our situation. It will not always be easy. today as we were trying to set up our new smart tv, I was extremely frustrated, tired, and wanting to get on with something I wanted to do. I was snappy, and didn't really like the person I was being. I decided to choose to be kind to both myself and my husband, and the outcome is that we are both happier tonight. I apologized for my snippiness, and we got on with the chore. We don't have tv reception at our house, but my husband watches Netflix and you tube using the tv screen as a monitor for his laptop. For him, the hookup is important.
I don't know exactly what I hope to accomplish in 2019, but I want to continue to have fun, and share my quilting with others. There are a couple of New Years Day mysteries if you are interested. One is with Merry Mayhem. I can't remember the other. I'm working on a couple of pillow cases for two of my Aussie Great nieces who are here in Canada as their parents fulfill a job contract for a couple of years. Darlene D'eon from Nova Scotia Online Quilters plans to post the new 52 week challenge for us tomorrow, and Patterns by Jen will announce her new colour challenge tomorrow. There is always something fun to follow in the world of quilting. I'll still be following Dione Gardener-Stephens on her blog The Clever Chameleon.Her series of bear patterns finished up in December with a sweet panda. It is this little guy who will lead my parade as we enter the new year. Ta Da! Here he is

I hope this new year will find him joining his 11 bear buddies in a quilt at my house. Now from this fellow, Lucy, Omer and me, our biggest wishes for s 2019 filled with Peace, Joy, and Love.



  1. Kind is a fabulous word for 2019 -- I'm a fan of RAOK and any other way we can be civil and positive with each other! I tried using Mr. Rogers stamps (how can one not smile when his face is on the stamp?) on every piece of mail until I found out the USPS has run out and we can't get any more. So now I'm saving them for special cards and letters and using flowers on the bills.

    1. Every bit helps I believe. When you do what you can, and I add mine, we make a difference.

  2. Can't wait to see the bear quilt finished! :)

  3. Need to figure out a layout. Is there one in your plan?

  4. I've loved seeing these pop up here and there all year. My friend, Edi, did them, too. This one is a really nice one.

  5. Thanks Susan, Dione had created a fun and beautiful family of bears for us to make. I have enjoyed this journey.