Friday, 13 July 2018

Dog Days in July. An update on my little bears.

I don't know what some people mean when they say "dog days", but for me they are those very hot stretches you may get in the month of July. We have had unseasonably warm weather "a heat wave" even for almost a week. I know that for some, a week of heat and humidity is nothing, but if you are a Maritimer in Atlantic Canada, we feel it. . The humidity is a slasher.
I am going to try to line up my little bear family if possible tonight. I will grow only if I try.

January we celebrated the colour RED

February our little rocket boy was blue


                               This month of March a little yellow bear came skipping along as we celebrated the colour YELLOW

 Then April arrived and the colour ORANGE had its turn

The little GREEN bear of May is ready for any new adventure
And this guy is showing off his beautiful PURPLE suit.

I really wish I could put them all in a lovely row, but there are many limitations to what I can accomplish, and this is one of them. I'm currently working on my yellow green bear, but he's not finished so he will wait for another time


  1. Your Bears are looking really cute Lynn.

  2. How marvellous to see all your bears in one place! Love them all Lynn. xx