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Monday, 23 May 2016

A New Scrapbag

Darlene D'Eon started a weekly block challenge through the N.S Online Quilters group. The weeks until now I've used pastels, and kiddie prints.Well that scrapbag is empty so I thought it was time to open another, a bit different as we continue the challenge. this bag has mainly darker colours, both print and tone on tone. The little 6 inch sawtooth star she suggested for the year looks pretty good in this colourway. We'll have enough for a small quilt, more fun, and pratcice as well on the long arm.
This is the first one.
 It may appear a bit dull, bit I think there will be enough subtle change as the weeks progress yo make it a welcoming quilt, and of course a few more scraps will find a purposeful place in our lives.
In my mind, I'm planning another little quilt We have a little three year old great niece for whom I haven't yet made a quilt. she is quite taken with panda bears, so I thought that might be my direction. I've searched through my precious bits and pieces for just the right combinations, and I believe I've found them. I want her to have a sweet little quilt she will love. Later today I'll give more thought to how it is to be put together. I will use a pillow panel as part of a quilt centre focus.
I started following the Splendid Sampler, but am so far behind it is doubtful that I will ever catch up. I was not intending to make every block offered, but those I found appealing to my eye, or something I'd not tried before. I have a little bag of pieces I think are perfect for this offering, but am 20 blocks behind the group. We shall see.
Yesterday we visited the cottage, mowed the lawn, put the clothesline up, and made my bed. There. I can move in anytime. Very soon I'll be ready, just a few ends to tidy at home.
It is a good life

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